2023-2028 Business Strategy
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Konstantinos Georgaras
Chief Executive Officer

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)'s role in the administration of the intellectual property (IP) system is critical to innovation, technological change and creativity in Canada. A clear vision for the future is essential to ensure CIPO's continued relevance and contributions in the IP ecosystem and its enduring sustainability. Navigating change now and preparing for the future demands agility, efficiency and effectiveness. It relies on the integration of new tools and the transformation of practices and procedures. While every IP office faces different challenges and contexts, all are confronted with a rapidly changing global IP environment. CIPO will work with stakeholders across the IP ecosystem to respond to these changes, reach the goals and objectives of this strategy and provide Canadian innovators and businesses the services and support they need in a rapidly evolving world.

CIPO is proud to be a Special Operating Agency of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). In 2018, the Government of Canada launched a comprehensive IP Strategy to ensure that Canada's IP regime is modern, supports the commercialization of Canadian innovation and creativity, fosters an ecosystem that supports businesses growing to scale, and ensures that firms have the awareness and incentive to strategically use IP to grow and compete. CIPO is integral to the implementation of the National IP Strategy and advancing innovation in Canada. At the core of our mandate CIPO provides the timely delivery of quality IP rights allowing innovators and businesses to get to market with confidence and in a timely manner.

Over the past decade, CIPO has made great strides internationally, joining 5 international IP treaties that make it easier for Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs to acquire high-quality IP rights in multiple countries and markets and grow their business. Implementation of these treaties represented some of the most important reforms to Canada's IP regime in decades, connecting our IP system to the world.

CIPO's IP awareness and education initiatives also provide businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators with the IP information needed to make informed decisions on seeking and using IP.

In a global economy that is increasingly focused on innovation and intangible assets, CIPO must continue to ensure that Canada's IP system is modern and connected. We are seeing increasing globalization in IP, a deepening intersection between IP, trade and innovation; the development of interdisciplinary technologies; and changes in the nature of work and the way we do business. With so much change occurring simultaneously, IP offices must ensure that they are agile and robust enough to manage change now and into the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic represented one of the largest societal and economic crises of our generation. It also impacted CIPO's operations and the lives of our employees. Led by their dedication and professionalism, CIPO staff faced the pandemic and its challenges by being agile and maintaining focus on our core mandate of timely delivery of quality IP rights and services. By surviving and thriving through the COVID-19 crisis we have gained insight into how an IP office must equip itself for the future. It shined the light on our necessity for a robust IT infrastructure; emphasized the importance of engagement with employees, clients and stakeholders; and underscored the need to be nimble, innovative and deliberate in the face of adversity.

CIPO's 2023-2028 Business Strategy lays out the priorities that will guide us over the next 5 years and prepare us for the future. We will remain focused on delivering quality IP rights and services and improving our processes through operational excellence and a modern client service experience. We will continue to foster innovation and competitiveness in Canada by ensuring that the IP system serves the needs of Canadians and that innovators and entrepreneurs know the value of their IP and how to leverage it to prosper and grow. Most importantly, we will strengthen the foundation upon which we are built, by recruiting and developing a diverse and inclusive workforce and equipping our employees with the skills and tools needed to succeed now and in the future.

In developing this strategy, we consulted our employees on CIPO's priorities for the next 5 years and sought input from key government agencies. We held numerous consultations with key stakeholders from across the IP ecosystem who provided valuable insights and feedback on our strategic direction. The vision and priorities established in the strategy have been strengthened through this engagement.

I am proud to introduce the CIPO 2023–2028 Business Strategy, and I look forward to the continued engagement with employees and stakeholders as we meet our challenges and attain our goals to position CIPO as a leading IP office and key contributor in Canada's innovation economy.

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