Adherence to the Madrid Protocol, the Singapore Treaty and the Nice Agreement

Release date: January 24, 2019 – Gatineau – Canadian Intellectual Property Office

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is making progress towards modernizing Canada's intellectual property (IP) framework. Regarding Trademarks, CIPO will be adhering to the Madrid Protocol, the Singapore Treaty and the Nice Agreement. Work is well underway in Canada to become a signatory to these agreements. We have updated the Trade-marks Act to allow Canada's accession to these treaties and the amended Trademarks Regulations have been published in the Canada Gazette (Part II). As a result, changes are being made to the Trademark IT systems and the ST.96 data structure to ensure compliance with the Legislation and Regulations. The Legislation and Regulations will come into force on June 17, 2019.

The following trademark legislative elements will be added to the Canadian trademarks collection. Details of the changes can be found in the attached Release Notes and Data Dictionary.

Legislative updates

  • Divisional Application Bag
  • International Mark Identifier Bag
  • Mark Multimedia Bag
  • Mark Feature Category Bag
  • Partial Priority Goods and Services
  • National Correspondent
  • Correspondent (Plaintiff – Opposition)
  • Correspondent (Plaintiff – Section 45)
  • Correspondence Address
  • National Associated Mark Bag
  • Mark Current Status Code
  • Mark Event Category (Actions)
  • Multiple Designs/Electronic Representation Support
  • Footnotes
  • Mark Standard Character Indicator
  • Mark Feature Category Types

National updates

  • Nice classes for Section 9s
  • Mark Disclaimer Text will be disseminated in both languages. In addition, Disclaimer type 5 will be disseminated.
  • GI Category Type 3 Descriptions – New Canadian element NationalProductCategoryBag introduced to map geographical indication (GI) code descriptions for Agricultural Products and Food.
  • BasisInternationalRegistrationIndicator will no longer be disseminated.
  • The Interested Party schema was updated to include Previous Owner and Registrant

Supporting documents and samples

Visit our Trademarks product page for release notes, data dictionary, and other resources.