IP Horizons: download intellectual property data




Download intellectual property (IP) data from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

IP Horizons is a databank consisting of trademark, industrial design and patent applications filed with CIPO. Most products were designed for organizations that maintain their own IP databases, while the researcher datasets – a combination of CSV and TXT formats – provide easy access to data for ad hoc research and analytical purposes.


Trademarks data

Applications and registrations (XML, PNG)
Trademark applications and registrations, including images: weekly updates and a historical collection.

Industrial design data

Researcher datasets: registrations and assignments (CSV and TXT)
Industrial design registrations and assignments: quarterly updates.

Registrations and assignments (XML, PNG)
Industrial design registrations and assignments, including images: weekly updates and a historical collection.

Patent data

Researcher datasets: bibliographic, full text and administrative status (CSV and TXT)
Patent applications, granted patents and administrative status changes regarding patent applications: quarterly updates

Patent ST.36 (XML)
Patent applications and granted patents: weekly updates and a historical collection

Biological sequence listings (TXT)
Documentation of biological sequence listings: weekly updates and a historical collection

Patent application images (MIMOSA)
Electronic scans of patent applications: weekly updates

Granted patent images (MIMOSA)
Electronic scans of granted patents applications: weekly updates