Trademarks researcher datasets: Applications and registrations (CSV and TXT)

Download records of trademarks applications and registrations filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). We provide new and updated records on a quarterly basis.

The files on this page consist of tables with data from multiple trademark records, as opposed to our XML files, which are individual to each trademark record. To download trademarks data in XML format, please visit our applications and registrations page.


We provide this data in a combination of CSV and TXT formats. Compared to XML, these formats are more accessible to researchers. This aligns with CIPO's goal to encourage research in the field of intellectual property.

Information included

  • Application number and registration number
  • Status
  • Key dates: filed, registered, etc.
  • Name, type and category of intellectual property
  • Goods and services description
  • Classification codes
  • Claims
  • Action history

Note: Trademark images and other associated media normally associated with Trademark applications are not included within the CSV/TXT collection of files. Trademark media files are paired with the XML files.

Data structure

This database consists of 19 tables:

  • TM_Main
  • TM_Mark_Description
  • TM_CIPO_Classifications
  • TM_Applicant_Classifications
  • TM_Representation
  • TM_Interested_Party
  • TM_Claim
  • TM_Priority_Claim
  • TM_Event
  • TM_Application_Disclaimer
  • TM_Application_Text
  • TM_Transliteration
  • TM_Footnote
  • TM_Footnote_Formatted
  • TM_Heading
  • TM_Cancellation_Case
  • TM_Cancellation_Case_Action
  • TM_Opposition_Case
  • TM_Opposition_Case_Action

TM_Main is the master table that contains the basic information on the trademark application filed, including the Application Number as the primary key. All other tables can be linked to the TM_Main table through the Application Number. Due to the amount of data, we have split some tables into multiple smaller tables to make them more manageable for downloading.

Download data files

Quarterly updates: trademarks researcher datasets
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File name Content type File type Compressed file size (MB) Download link Representation TXT 23.77 MB Download Priority Claim TXT 44.28 MB Download Application Text TXT 1.01 MB Download Application Disclaimer TXT 5.77 MB Download Application Disclaimer TXT 291.51 MB Download Transliteration CSV 0.31 MB Download Representation CSV 23.81 MB Download Representation CSV 23.79 MB Download Priority Claim CSV 44.39 MB Download Priority Claim CSV 44.38 MB Download Opposition Case Action CSV 5.10 MB Download Opposition Case CSV 3.01 MB Download Mark Description CSV 0.21 MB Download Interested Party CSV 98.03 MB Download Heading CSV 24.40 MB Download Footnote Formatted CSV 69.23 MB Download Footnote CSV 43.62 MB Download Event CSV 149.85 MB Download Claim CSV 31.39 MB Download Cipo Classification CSV 12.13 MB Download Cancellation Case Action CSV 1.02 MB Download Cancellation Case CSV 0.97 MB Download Application Text CSV 1.01 MB Download Application Text CSV 1.01 MB Download Application Main CSV 89.43 MB Download Application Disclaimer CSV 5.80 MB Download Application Disclaimer CSV 5.80 MB Download Applicant Classification CSV 292.48 MB Download Applicant Classification CSV 292.24 MB Download

Documents and resources

Trademarks researcher datasets data dictionary

A detailed description of the content, format and structure of our trademarks CSV and TXT data

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