Black innovators in technology and innovation

Samuel Pierre, Eng., PhD

Samuel Pierre, PhD

Guiding minds and shaping industry

Professor and innovator Samuel Pierre is internationally recognized for his role in the field of information and communication technologies. By combining thermodynamic and ecological considerations with approaches inspired by evolutionary biology and mathematical programming, he has paved the way for considerable progress, namely in reducing the ecological footprint of cloud computing systems. His 550 scientific publications and prestigious awards reflect a visionary shaping the future in networking and mobile computing.

Patent application US20060161564 – Method and system for locating information in the invisible or deep World Wide Web

Among his many innovations are methods, procedures and protocols for managing user mobility. His innovations make it possible to locate a cellphone user anywhere in the world in milliseconds.

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Alan Emtage, M.Sc.

Alan Emtage, M.Sc.

Before Yahoo! and Google, there was Archie!

At the age of 25, Alan Emtage designed the world's first search engine: Archie. In 2017, he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society as an innovator. Emtage received both an honorary degree of Doctor of Science from the University of the West Indies and an honorary degree of Doctor of Science from McGill University in recognition of his significant contributions to science and technology.


Archie is known as the world's first Internet-based search engine. The modern search engines we know today use many of the techniques originated by Archie.

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