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CIPO Business Strategy 2012-2017 (PDF: 5.8 MB; 27 pages)

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CIPO's Values

As trusted partners in building an innovative Canadian economy

  • We serve with excellence and efficiency in all that we do.
  • We make timely and sound decisions on IP rights.
  • We respect the perspectives of stakeholders while carrying out our regulatory function.

As proud employees of CIPO

  • We perform our duties in a manner that preserves and builds on CIPO's good reputation and credibility.
  • We work collaboratively.
  • We act as ambassadors of IP.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and learning.

As an individual

  • I respect my fellow employees.
  • I value diversity.
  • I appreciate the ideas and contributions of other employees.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

I am pleased to present the Business Strategy for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). This strategy will guide our decision-making and commitments over the next five years.

The crucial element underpinning this strategy is that economic prosperity in a global economy is driven by new ideas and knowledge-based industries. As intellectual property (IP) rights encourage new knowledge and innovation, CIPO has a key role to play in supporting the government's overall agenda of improving Canada's growth and enhancing our economic competitiveness.

The value of many Canadian firms increasingly depends on their intangible assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs. The speed, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of Canada's IP administrative system can affect whether or not ideas are successfully commercialized and brought to market. This business strategy sets out priorities for the next five years that will allow CIPO to play a more effective role in this regard so that IP is more efficiently leveraged in support of innovation and economic growth.

We will achieve this by better understanding the requirements of innovators and the innovation cycle in which businesses operate, facilitating access to IP information so it can be better leveraged, and developing an IP framework that supports innovation, increases certainty and reduces red tape. Finally, the strategy reconfirms CIPO's commitment to efficiency, timeliness and quality through our efforts to maintain a highly skilled workforce, make our information technology systems more modern and responsive, and to optimize the cost-effectiveness of our operations.

These new strategic directions will require a commitment to continual change, and CIPO will build a change management culture that will support this important transition.

The Strategy is the result of insightful discussions held within CIPO, as well as with our key federal government partners, businesses and representatives of the IP agent community. I look forward to continuing this engagement as we implement the Business Strategy.

Sylvain Laporte
Commissioner of Patents,
Registrar of Trademarks and
Chief Executive Officer

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