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Part V

Call to Action

As long as innovators continue to create and invent, IP rights will play an important role in facilitating that process. And just as IP rights have become a crucial element in the creation of value, an effective and efficient IP administrative system has become one of the fundamentals of a country's prosperity.

With our new mission and vision statements, we are focusing our role in the innovation cycle, business success and the Canadian economy. This Business Strategy will ensure that CIPO is responsive to the needs of its customers, supportive of economic growth, and relevant to the modern knowledge economy. The Strategy also contains the means to assure our organizational stability and capacity so that we can continue to strengthen the role of IP in maximizing Canada's innovative capacity and output into the future.

Taken as whole, this strategy sets CIPO on an exciting and challenging course of helping more Canadians to succeed by ensuring they reap the full benefits offered by the IP system. All of us at CIPO will be actively engaged to making our vision a reality. Together, we will shape CIPO as a dynamic catalyst for innovation while holding true to our values and commitment to change for the better.

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