CIPO mandate


Deliver high quality and timely IP products and services to customers, and to increase awareness, knowledge and effective use of IP by Canadians.


To contribute to Canada's innovation and economic success by:

  • Providing greater certainty in the marketplace through high-quality and timely IP rights;
  • Fostering and supporting invention and creativity through knowledge sharing;
  • Raising awareness to encourage innovators to better exploit IP;
  • Helping business compete globally through international cooperation and the promotion of Canada's IP interests; and,
  • Administering Canada's IP system and office efficiently and effectively.


Our leadership and expertise in intellectual property support creativity, enhance innovation and contribute to economic success.

Value statements

As trusted partners in building an innovative Canadian economy:

  • We serve with excellence and efficiency in all that we do;
  • We make timely and sound decisions on IP rights; and,
  • We respect the perspectives of stakeholders while carrying out our regulatory function.

As proud employees of CIPO:

  • We perform our duties in a manner that preserves and builds on CIPO's good reputation and credibility;
  • We work collaboratively;
  • We act as ambassadors of IP; and
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and learning.

As an individual:

  • I respect my fellow employees;
  • I value diversity; and
  • I appreciate the ideas and contributions of other employees.