Canadian Copyright Database Help: Description of Searchable or Other Information Fields

Description of the Searchable Fields
Description of Other Information Fields

Description of the Searchable Fields

Assignor: A person or company making an assignment of any right or personal property to another.

Author Name: Name of the creator of the work.

Category: This includes traditional copyright (original literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works) and copyright in other subject-matter (performer's performances, sound recordings and communication signals) and the category (mechanical contrivance) which has been registered up to 1997.

Country of Publication: Country where the first publication took place.

Owner Name/Assignee Name: The name of the latest owner or assignee registered with the Copyright Office.

Registration Number: The number assigned to a copyright when it is registered. Previously, in other subject-matter, some numbers were preceded by a letter or a series of letters, but for the purpose of using this database, only the registration number is required.

Title: The title of the work.

Type: The type of document (copyright, grant of interest, other subject matter).

Year of Publication: The year the work was first published.

Description of Other Information Fields

Assignee: A person or company to whom a right is assigned.

Copyright Description: Details describing a work.

Current Address: Last change of address on file.

Dominant Type: A category in a work that represents the most predominant category.

Expunged: The date a registration was expunged following a Court Order.

First Fixation: In relation to sound recordings, making copies of a sound recording available to the public.

Information Block: Information on parties when registering a Grant of Interest.

Interested Parties: Person or group having an interest in a copyright.

Original Address: The address provided when the document was registered.

Registered: The date the copyright or other document was registered in the Copyright Office.

Registered Date: Formal record date of copyright by the Copyright Office.

Related Grant of Interest: Reference to title and registration number for all subsequente Grant of Interest filed

Status: Register or expunged in the Register.

Works Affected: Reference to title and registration number for works affected by a Grant of Interest.

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