Black innovators in business

Frantz Saintellemy, CM

Deep-tech innovation and entrepreneurial leadership

Frantz Saintellemy is an internationally recognized deep-tech expert and social entrepreneur. He has decades of experience in leadership, including as president and CEO of LeddarTech, a company that holds numerous patents in the electronics and automobile industry. He is the co-founder of Groupe 3737, a non-profit innovation incubator dedicated to empowering BIPOC entrepreneurs. He is the current chancellor of the Université de Montréal.

TMA865634 – LeddarTech

LeddarTech is a global leader in developing AI-based software and technologies for self-driving cars and advanced driver-assistance systems (150 patents filed or granted).

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Evelyne Moraa Nyairo, M.Sc., P.Biol.

Black excellence meets ethical skincare innovation

Evelyne Nyairo, founder of Ellie Bianca, created a luxury skincare brand named after her daughter. This African-Canadian, mother and environmental scientist has over 15 years of experience in environmental and social sustainability. Evelyne focuses on sourcing high-quality, ethical and sustainable ingredients, leaving a lasting impact on the beauty industry and supporting her mission of female empowerment.

TMA997245 – Ellie Bianca Kind to your Skin — Kind to the Earth —
Kind to Women

Ellie Bianca offers a range of environmentally conscious, organic and natural skincare products, such as creams, oils and balms, designed to promote healthy, radiant skin.

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