Unlocking success with intellectual property: The InteraXon and Muse journey

Chris Aimone, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Chris Aimone, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Have you ever wondered how cutting-edge technology can transform your well-being? InteraXon is a technology company based in Toronto that has answered this question with Muse—a smart headband that acts as your personal meditation coach.

Using advanced electroencephalogram (EEG) brain sensors, Muse detects brain activity and provides real-time feedback through gentle audio sounds via your headphones. The Muse headband also connects to an app that lets users track their progress and set meditation goals to encourage a routine of mindfulness. InteraXon's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chris Aimone, believes that access to electrical brain sensing should be within everyone's reach to enhance mental health. Being motivated by the value of its technology, the company's commitment to intellectual property (IP) has led it to thrive in the consumer electronics sector.

Utilizing IP in the innovative process

InteraXon's approach to IP is deeply entwined with its journey to creating innovative products. Learning from existing patent literature early on in the process inspired fresh perspectives and ideas for ongoing improvements. In this way, the team leveraged past experiences to shape its future and continues to use IP as a driving force for innovation.

IP as a base for investments

Aimone emphasizes that in the start-up stage, building and securing a robust IP portfolio was essential to attracting investments. Over time, InteraXon continued to develop its technology and expand its IP. Protecting its IP has not only given it a competitive advantage but has also fueled commercialization. Several original inventions that InteraXon created as it was starting up now serve as a foundation for future patents.

What propelled Muse to success in IP?

InteraXon fostered an IP culture within the company, with both technical and business teams actively engaged in the protection process. This widespread involvement has created a solid foundation for IP within the company. An essential aspect of this IP culture is safeguarding core technology assets through various IP rights, including patents, trademarks and trade secrets. Layering different types of IP has significantly strengthened InteraXon's IP portfolio.

While developing its IP assets, InteraXon identified opportunities for commercialization. Leveraging IP to attract investments and support collaboration is crucial as licensing IP to other companies can create additional revenue streams and signals a competitive advantage as well as long-term sustainability to investors.

An IP-centered company

At present, InteraXon boasts multiple trademarks, patents and copyrights registered across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. This formalized protection ensures comprehensive coverage of its product's most valuable aspects and provides flexibility for future expansions and the launch of new products and services. InteraXon also emphasizes strategic enforcement, utilizing its IP assets to prevent or resolve disputes and even transform them into partnerships. It is key to continually monitor risks of IP infringement, both from a market and IP rights perspective. It safeguards various elements of the brand, preventing others from using similar brands, solutions or designs that could confuse consumers and infringe on IP rights.

InteraXon's success is also attributable to the guidance and support received from partners, such as the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). The BDC offers entrepreneurs financial support through its IP-Backed Financing program, a dedicated IP-focused fund of $160 million, which gives funding and guidance to growing companies with registered IP portfolios, commercialized offerings and global ambitions.

InteraXon's products show that IP can help the creative process, sparking new ideas as you ensure legal protection. IP has been paramount to the company's evolution and has allowed it to defend its rights and maintain a strong market position. InteraXon's journey underscores the critical importance of considering IP from the outset, not as an afterthought. When used strategically, IP becomes a visionary tool, guiding a company's future.

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