Konstantinos Georgaras, Chief Executive Officer

Konstantinos Georgaras is the Chief Executive Officer at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

In this role, Mr. Georgaras provides strategic direction and leadership to CIPO and ensures the provision of world-class intellectual property (IP) services by granting IP rights and providing IP awareness and information. He also represents CIPO and Canada's interests, both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Georgaras joined CIPO in 2010. As Director General of Corporate Strategies and Services, he was responsible for legislative, regulatory, administrative and operational policy related to the IP framework that CIPO administers. He also provided expert advice on broader IP policy analysis, policy development and framework modernization. He led the Canadian delegation on various bilateral and multilateral initiatives, such as strategic World Intellectual Property Organization committees, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's IP committee and other fora, to develop and advance Canadian IP positions and interests internationally. Mr. Georgaras led an extensive program of professional economic research and analysis to identify and evaluate national and international trends and developments, policies, strategies, plans and initiatives to support Canada's IP policy. He also led the development of strategic partnerships, financial services and human resources.

Mr. Georgaras began his career in the public service in 1985 and has held strategic and executive positions within the departments of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and within the Science, Technology and Innovation Council. Mr. Georgaras has extensive experience spanning strategic, economic and legislative policy, with direct responsibilities for IP, innovation, insolvency and industrial and labour market policies.

Mr. Georgaras holds a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Carleton University and an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Contact information

Place du Portage I
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Gatineau, Quebec  K1A 0C9

Telephone: 819-997-1057
Fax: 819-997-1890
Email: konstantinos.georgaras@ised-isde.gc.ca