How to communicate with the Patent Office in regards to a particular application or patent

This notice is to clarify accepted practice with respect to correspondence procedures and communications with the Patent Office.

For the purposes of conducting business (related to maintaining, prosecuting, making service requests, or paying fees for a specific patent or application) you must use an official and secure method outlined below.

Official and secure communication channels

  • physical delivery by mail or in person to the CIPO main office or by the Registered Mail™ and Xpresspost™ services of Canada Post, or
  • electronic delivery by facsimile or secure online submission through CIPO's website.

These methods are also specified in section 2.02 of the Manual of Patent Office Practice.

Using a non-official communication channel

If a communication arrives by non-official means, the Commissioner will have no regard to it for the purposes of conducting business on an application or patent. This includes, but is not limited to the following methods of communication:

  • telephone calls to the Client Service Centre or any CIPO employee;
  • direct email or text message to the personal address or number of any CIPO employee;
  • direct messaging to or posting on any social media account associated with CIPO or its employees; or
  • input to CIPO's online feedback form.