International Women’s Day – IP offices’ joint statement

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is "Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow." We commit to work together to support an increased contribution by women in developing, commercializing, and distributing their innovations and creative works in order to achieve a more sustainable and hope-driven future.

Burcu Köleli for UN Women (2022)

Women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change - UN figures indicate that 80% of people displaced by climate change are women. Yet their contributions are crucial in creating new technologies, products, and processes for mitigating its impact. Their entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity foster economic growth and enrich cultures.

In many countries, women are underrepresented in the intellectual property (IP) system. Around the globe, patent, trademark and copyright offices provide resources and support for innovators and creators of all genders, helping them to navigate and access the IP system. Through these and other programs, we are committed to working together to reach gender equality throughout our economies.

Equality can only be achieved when the gender mix of the innovators and creators engaged in innovation and creativity and using our IP systems reflects the gender mix of our society. This will lead to a more sustainable, healthy and balanced society, enriching life for everyone.