Intellectual Property (IP) Case Studies


AutoPaint -  Don't assume you have all the rights
Samantha Chang - Who owns the invention?
Video for students: John Thomson - How to market an invention

A Teaching Tool

The IP Case Studies are teaching tools that demonstrate the strategic value of IP to college and university students. Since the launch of the IP Case Studies project in September 2009, CIPO has successfully delivered sessions at more than 70 post-secondary institutions across Canada.

The IP Case Studies aim to:

  • give students a baseline knowledge of IP,
  • foster classroom discussion of the use of IP in the inventive process, and
  • explain how IP can be a competitive advantage in business.

These teaching tools are designed to reflect realistic career situations for students, particularly those studying engineering, science, business, and industrial design. Using a 60 to 90 minute in-class discussion format, each case study can be easily integrated into an existing course.

The case study package includes the case study text, a discussion leader's guide and an outline for classroom discussions. Upon request and when available, a trained Discussion Leader is available to support the delivery of the materials at no cost to you or your institution.

IP Case Studies

John Thomson Entrepreneurial Venture
Silver Communications
Telecan Pharma
CellBio Therapeutics: Commercializing  Stem Cell Research
Samantha Chang
Suki's Enterprises