Where to find strategic intellectual property information

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The Canadian Intellectual Property Office presents

Where to find strategic intellectual property information

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Grégory Fruchet, Industrial Techonology Advisor, NRC-IRAP

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There are millions of files and records that contain technical and business information that are available online for free on databases that are located on websites that are offered by the main Intellectual Property offices around the world.

And it contains a lot of key information, very interesting information about the inventor, the name of the inventor for example, and/ or the name of the institution, the research institution that has patented that particular technology or innovation, so it's a mine of information.

As change is constant, and innovation occurs every day in science and technology, patent information can be used to anticipate changes, to understand the state of the art of a particular technology or science area.

Learning about technical solutions and technology data is available from patent information, for example is a great way to understand how current problems are being solved by technology and it's a great source of information to help save time and money.

Intellectual property information and databases can help you find information about major players in your particular area. You can find information about your competitors in the first place; you can also find information about your suppliers, or even find information about possible partners.

This could even lead you to find technologies and know-how that is not currently exploited and that could even be a business opportunity where you could license that technology for example.

Before investing a lot of time, resources, and money into a newer research or a newer product development, it's a good idea to look into intellectual property information where you can find and check if you are not reinventing the wheel for example, and also very importantly if you are not infringing on someone else's right.

Doing a preliminary search by keywords is pretty simple, but if you find that the information search is becoming too complicated or is too sophisticated, it's a good idea to seek help from a search service provider.

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For more information http://www.cipo.ic.gc.ca/search-ip

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In this video, Grégory Fruchet, Industrial Technology Advisor for the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), talks about the types of competitive intelligence you can find in patent and trademark databases.

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