IP Bank of Speakers

Need a speaker on intellectual property for your event for Canadian businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs? Find out how to request a speaker from CIPO for free.

What is the IP Bank of Speakers?

The IP Bank of Speakers is a collaborative effort of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC). CIPO and IPIC deliver four free intellectual property (IP) presentations to public and private organizations across Canada. The aim is to enable business people to become familiar with IP as a strategic business instrument.

How does it work?

An IP Bank of Speakers presentation can be used as a workshop or seminar to present IP information to Canadian businesses, innovators, or entrepreneurs.

  1. An IP presentation request is made by filling out the IP Bank of Speakers – Request Form
  2. The IP Bank of Speakers Coordinator pairs an IPIC volunteer to the requesting organization.
  3. The presentation logistics are confirmed.
  4. Presentation material, including evaluation forms, is distributed.

Four one-hour IP presentations are available upon request. Each presentation introduces one or more IP rights, their strategic value, and the resources available to learn more about the topic. The four presentations are:

  • Bring your creations to life. Learn why intellectual property matters.
  • Protect your brand. Why trademarks matter.
  • Inventing the next big thing. Why patents matter.
  • It’s all in the ‘look’. Why industrial designs matter.

Complete and submit the IP Bank of Speakers – Request Form now!

For other types of requests, please contact the CIPO Client Service Centre.