IP for Business News – August 2022

Plan for success – Build an IP strategy

Would you like to learn more about how to build your own IP strategy to gain a competitive advantage? CIPO's latest e-learning module will teach you the main steps to strategically align your IP assets to achieve your business goals. Plan for success – Build an IP strategy is for those who want to learn the fundamentals of an IP strategy, innovative SMEs that have registered or applied for IP rights and SMEs looking to export their products or services to foreign markets. Explore this resource to learn about best practices to help you effectively manage your IP assets or check out our IP foundations series for a refresher on the basics of intellectual property.

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Ideas for new tools

It's summer and our creative minds are hard at work, planning for the fall. What are some of the IP tools and resources you'd like to see on your screen? We want to hear from you. Email your suggestions to CIPO's IP Academy!

Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Co. – Taking steps to stand out in the marketplace

Keri Gray is a member of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation and owner of Shades of Gray, an Indigenous pet treats company. The brand is rooted in her Indigenous heritage and represents her core values, including family, health and sustainability. In establishing her brand, Keri was strategic in her use of IP. Her strategy comprised savvy business moves like trademarking the brand name and logo and acquiring a license to use the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business logo and registered trademark. Keri has skillfully incorporated IP into her business goals, creating a brand that leaves a positive impact on the community and one that consumers can trust. To learn more about her journey and her advice to business owners, read the full Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Co. success story on our IP blog!

Canadian IP Voices season 2

Although Canadian IP Voices has taken a break for the summer, there's always work going on behind the scenes to prepare for what's coming next. Moving into the next season of our podcast, we're interested in what you—our listeners—want to hear. Do you have somebody in mind who would make a fascinating guest? Or a topic you'd like to learn about? Get in touch!

Email IP Voices with your ideas and suggestions. We look forward to seeing you back in the fall!

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