IP for Business News – August 2023

All about commercializing your IP

Do you have an idea that you're ready to turn into an asset? Once your original invention or creation hits the market, it can generate revenue for your business. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has several tools and strategies to help you prepare your intellectual property (IP) for commercialization. Here are some resources to help you understand how to protect your ideas as they reach their full potential on the market:

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Check out CIPO's podcast – Canadian IP Voices

Canadian IP Voices is a podcast series where CIPO sits down with IP experts, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the IP ecosystem to discuss current topics and issues affecting Canadian entrepreneurs across a wide variety of industries. Throughout our episodes, we share stories and tips to help businesses understand the IP system and the bigger picture of how trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs and trade secrets work in real life.

Listen to Canadian IP Voices on the CIPO web page or wherever you get your podcasts!

How do I use IP to support my business goals?

When bringing a product on the market, entrepreneurs must ask themselves several questions and weigh the costs and benefits to exploit their IP rights. With our IP strategy self-assessment tool, you can generate a tailored guide with information on what to consider when developing your IP strategy. Check out the guide today—it covers marketing, implementing and protecting IP assets, and more!

Licensing: Turning IP conflicts into business partnerships

Conflicts where one company uses a competitor's IP without their permission can sometimes be resolved through licensing, which results in mutual business benefit. Read our short article to learn how you can turn an IP dispute into a business partnership.

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