IP for Business News – January 2022

IP Talks, session 1: Protect your intellectual property

There's still time to register for our first ever IP Talks webinar on January 19! In this hour-long session, we'll be covering the fundamentals of intellectual property—everything from what IP is to how you can use it to make money. If you're an entrepreneur, creator, inventor or SME, you won't want to miss this. Register for IP Talks by January 18 to reserve your spot.

Canadian IP Voices podcast, episode 8: How copyright works when we share things on social media

In our latest episode of Canadian IP Voices, Lisa sits down with Naomi Zener, copyright lawyer at Bereskin & Parr LLP, to discuss the ins and outs of copyright and how it applies to sharing content on social media. Naomi explains the meaning of things like public domain, fair dealing and errors and omissions review. She also highlights some considerations for those considering registering copyright or sharing someone else's content online. All episodes of Canadian IP Voices are available on CIPO's website or wherever you get your podcasts!

Guard your games: Protecting intellectual property in video games

If you enjoyed episode 5 of our Canadian IP Voices podcast, then you'll love our blog post Guard your games: Protecting intellectual property in video games. It dives deeper into the concepts discussed in episode 5 and explores how they apply using real-world examples. Learn how the different forms of intellectual property apply to video games and follow along as fictional game developer Seth takes his game from a mere idea to a commercial product.

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