IP for Business News – March 2022

IP Talks, session 4: IP and doing business abroad

Want to learn how to protect your IP when taking your business abroad? Tune into this hour-long webinar covering the foundations of protecting your IP rights internationally, services to help you connect overseas and key considerations for doing business in the US, China and Europe. Listen to professionals share advice on international IP protection systems and how to grow your business abroad with the help of Global Affairs Canada's Trade Commissioner Service. If you want to grow your business globally, you won't want to miss this. The fourth session of the IP Talks series takes place on March 23. Be sure to register for IP and doing business abroad by March 22 to reserve your spot.

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Canadian IP Voices podcast, episode 12: How can a CIPO IP advisor help you with your IP?

In our latest episode of Canadian IP Voices, we explore the importance of IP with Caroline Lefebvre, a CIPO IP advisor. Caroline explains the role of an IP advisor as well as the various aspects of her job that involve providing guidance to help people achieve their business goals. Listen in to learn how you can use IP to your business advantage and to learn about the various services CIPO can provide, whether you're an inventor, artist, creator or entrepreneur. Listen to episode 12 now at Canadian IP Voices or wherever you get your podcasts.

Canadian IP Voices blog: Using someone's music in business

If you enjoyed learning about how to play someone's music online in your business in episode 11 of our Canadian IP Voices podcast, then you might want to check out our recent blog post, Using someone's music in business. It further explores the IP rights, processes and licenses required to use someone else's music in a commercial context. Discover the role the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) plays in administrating rights as well as how Entandem, a music licensing non-profit, can help artists and businesses seeking IP protection and trying to navigate copyrights.

IP Data & Research Conference

The 5th annual IP Data & Research Conference takes place on March 24. The conference is hosted by CIPO in collaboration with the Centre for International Governance Innovation. The objective of this year's conference is to share leading IP research. Presentation topics include diversity and inclusion in the IP and innovation ecosystem, leveraging IP in a digital world, lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, IP metrics, clean technologies and IP data and platform governance. Register for the conference on Eventbrite or visit CIPO's conference page for more information!

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