IP for Business News – March 2023

Getting started with IP: Trademarks

Want to learn more about trademarks? Why are they important and how to register them? In this live presentation, you'll find the answers to these questions and many more. We'll talk about the different types of trademarks and what they can protect, as well as what to include in your registration application and how avoid some of the most common mistakes when creating a trademark.

Join us on March 22 as we continue our "Getting started with IP series". For more information and to register, visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)'s Eventbrite page

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Canadian IP Voices – Episode 26: Who owns AI-generated creations (and why you should care)

While Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been around for several decades, many companies have just recently opened their A.I. platforms for public use. Most people can now use A.I. to create text, music, images and even whole essays. While there's no doubt that it's a very interesting time for A.I. developers to see their efforts come to life, it's also a challenge in the context of laws of ownership.

To dive into this fresh topic, we are joined by Guillaume Lavoie Ste-Marie, copyright, patent and trademark litigator and principal at Smart & Biggar in Montreal. Join in as we discuss some IP tips, tricks and traps that A.I. users should be aware of before creating works with A.I.–and if using A.I. to answer IP questions is a good idea. Listen to episode 26 on our Canadian IP Voices page or wherever you get your podcasts!

IP Insights: Consumer Products

CIPO, in collaboration with the IP Village, is bringing together leading experts in intellectual property (IP) for its latest joint initiative, the IP Insights panel series! Join us virtually on April 19 for the second event of this series on consumer products.

This panel is designed to assist entrepreneurs, innovators, and small to medium-sized enterprises increase their understanding of IP within their respective industries. Whether you are just starting your research, developing your first prototype, connecting with manufacturers, or getting ready to export, this webinar and our expert panelists will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to protect your IP, the main challenges to entering the consumer products industry and some unwritten rules and tips to follow to avoid common mistakes.

For more information, or to sign up, visit CIPO's Eventbrite page.

IP Toolbox

Are you looking to create, grow, or customize your IP knowledge and skill set? If so, CIPO's IP Toolbox has many handy resources for you! Some of our tools include:

Stay tuned for additional resources on CIPO's website.

CIPO's 2023-2028 Business Strategy

Did you know that CIPO just released its 2023-2028 Business Strategy? This report illustrates CIPO's main priorities for the next 5 years and how they will assist CIPO in maintaining its position as a critical component of Canada's IP ecosystem, as well as innovation, technological change and creativity as a whole in Canada. We are pleased to announce its release and invite you all to read the full 2023–2028 Business Strategy.

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