IP for Business News – May 2022

Canadian IP Voices − Episode 16: Best practices for using open-source software

In our recent episode of Canadian IP Voices, Lisa sits down with Jules Gaudin, a lawyer and IP expert at ROBIC to discuss the drawbacks and smart practices of using open-source software. Jules highlights the key considerations for users and providers of open-source software, and together they discuss the drawbacks and best practices. As always, Episode 16 is available, along with all our previous episodes, on the CIPO website, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Trademark Recovery Plan

CIPO has made significant efforts to expand the number of pre-approved goods and services in the Goods and Services Manual. As of April 27, 2022, 54,566 new entries have been added to the Goods and Services Manual bringing its total of entries to 111,847. This is in response to consultations with Canadian IP firms as well as observed trends in trademark filings over the last 3 years. Did you know that you can also submit suggestions of terms to be added to the Goods and Services Manual? Requests can be sent CIPOGSM-OPICMPS@ised-isde.gc.ca and must include the following information:

  • Good or service in English or French
  • Suggested Nice class
  • Supporting information

IP Talks wrap up

On April 13, we concluded our IP Talks series with Session 5: Defending your IP rights, where we covered the various ways to prepare and enforce your IP rights. Over the course of the series, we highlighted the fundamentals of IP, learned how it can be used as a critical tool for business, and heard from the key organizations behind some of Canada's best-known services, programs, and experts to help advise on your IP rights. All 5 sessions are available on the CIPO YouTube channel, so whether you missed a session or just need a refresher you can go back and re-watch the series any time on demand!

IP rights in software in Canada

As software becomes an increasingly prevalent aspect of everyday products, it is important to understand the associated IP rights. Our latest addition to the IP Toolbox will help you get familiar with the Canadian IP landscape and the various forms of IP rights that apply to software innovations. Read more or download the IP rights in software factsheet for free.

World IP Day recap

In case you missed it, April 26 was World IP Day. This year's theme was IP and youth: Innovating for a better future. If you didn't have a chance to celebrate with CIPO, you can still catch up on what you missed. Start by watching the collaborative Rideau Hall Foundation webinar. Then read through our latest Futurpreneur success stories, which highlight young entrepreneurs heading innovative companies like Roll Up, Clean Valley CIC and Omy Laboratories.

Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Co. – Taking steps to gain distinctiveness in the marketplace

Keri Gray is a member of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation and owner of Shades of Gray, an Indigenous pet treats company. The brand is rooted in her Indigenous heritage, and represents her core values, including family, health, and sustainability. In establishing her brand, of paramount importance was Keri's strategic use of IP, comprising savvy business moves like trademarking the brand name and logo, and acquiring license to use the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business logo and registered trademark. Keri has skillfully incorporated IP into her business goals, creating a brand that leaves a positive impact on the community and one that consumers can trust. To learn more about her journey and her advice to business owners, read the full Shades of Gray success story on our IP blog!

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