IP for Business News – May 2023

IP Insights panel: Medical technologies

Whether you're just starting your research, developing your first prototype, connecting with manufacturers or getting ready to export, our IP Insights panel on May 18 will provide you with a comprehensive overview of IP in the medical technology industry.

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Canadian IP Voices – Episode 27: How not to spend money on bad patents

Filing patents can be a significant financial commitment and may carry a high-risk factor. That's why we chose to sit down with Louis Carbonneau, a patent broker who evaluates hundreds of patents each year, to hear him share some tips and tricks on how to ensure you invest strategically when you file for IP rights.

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Getting started with IP: Why is IP important?

Looking to learn more about what IP is and why it's so important? Join us for the next presentation in our "Getting started with IP" series on May 24, as we discuss what patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights are, and how these rights can protect your business, help it grow and become more competitive.

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Let's talk about open source software

In Episode 16 of Canadian IP Voices, we were joined by Jules Gaudin, a lawyer with ROBIC who specializes in IP and technology law. He discussed open-source software and licensing with us. As a follow-up to that discussion, this blog further explores the relationship between copyright and open source software, and why it should be protected.

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Celebrating Canadian Innovation Week

Did you know that May 15 marks the beginning of Canadian Innovation Week? This week is dedicated to recognizing and honouring Canada's transformative innovators from coast to coast to coast! They are making a positive impact within the country and on the global stage.

If you're looking to create, grow, or customize your IP knowledge and assets to participate in Canada's innovation ecosystem, CIPO has plenty of resources for you in our IP Toolbox.

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