Product description: patent application and granted patent data, and images

File format

Patent images are provided in a MIMOSA format. MIMOSA is a MicrosoftTM-based software package originally developed for the Trilateral Offices, a coalition of three national intellectual property (IP) offices; the European Patent Office (EPO), the Japan Patent Office (JPO), and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The MIMOSA software offers you a range of functions for consulting databases (user interface in ten languages; three search masks) and for building, submitting and saving queries. You can then display, print or download your results (documents, notices, hit lists), depending on the configuration that you choose. Latest versions of MIMOSA can be downloaded from the EPO website. Information on how to use MIMOSA to access image files can be found in Documents and resources.

Record and data content

MIMOSA images collections are provided for both patent applications and granted patents. Patent data is open to public inspection after a confidentiality period of up to 18 months after the earliest filing date of an application. Each MIMOSA collection includes scanned TIFF images of the patent application and additional searchable text content of the title and abstract. Images include:

  • Coverpage (IP number, name and address for applicant, inventor, and agents, dates of filing and publication, issue and national entry, text searchable title and abstract, cover page image, priorities)
  • Patent description
  • Claims (a legal description of the scope of the patent and defines the specific attributes of the invention that are protected from infringement)
  • Drawings

Production schedule: weekly

Weekly production

On a weekly basis, MIMOSA databases are created for all new and updated patent records. One set of MIMOSA databases is created for granted patents, and another set is created for applications that are open to public inspection. Over a year, 80-100 MIMOSA databases can be produced for granted patents and an additional 150-180 MIMOSA databases can be produced for applications not yet granted. Each MIMOSA database is approximately 700 MB. The naming convention for MIMOSA folders includes the year of production and the batch number. Batches for application images begin at "001" while the batch numbering for granted patents begins at "201". Individual TIFF images and XML files can be accessed from within the DOC folder. A total of one year's worth of MIMOSA databases will be host on the Canadian IP Databank. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is currently constructing an online patent image and meta-data library to be hosted on the Databank.