Patent researcher datasets: Bibliographic, full text and administrative status data (CSV and TXT)

Download records of patent applications and granted patents filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). We provide new and updated records on a quarterly basis.

The files on this page consist of tables with data from multiple patent records, as opposed to our XML files, which are individual to each patent record. To download patent data in XML format, please visit our bibliographic and full text or administrative status pages.

Note: We only publish patent applications after a confidentiality period. This period is up to 18 months, starting after the earliest filing date of an application.


We provide this data in a combination of CSV and TXT formats. Compared to XML, these formats are more accessible to researchers. This aligns with CIPO's goal to encourage research in the field of intellectual property.

Information included

  • Bibliographic data: applicant names, title of invention, critical application processing dates, etc.
  • Title and abstract text: a short description of the invention
  • Claims: a legal description of the scope and specific attributes of a patent
  • Disclosure and description: a full description of the invention
  • Priority claims: the same or related inventions by the same applicants or owners.
  • International Patent Classification (IPC) codes: a classification system used to classify and search patent documents based on their technical field(s).

Note: We scan the applications using optical character recognition. These files do not represent a legal copy.

Data structure

This database consists of 7 tables:

  • PT_Main
  • PT_Priority_Claim
  • PT_Interested_Party
  • PT_Abstract
  • PT_Disclosure
  • PT_Claim
  • PT_IPC_Classification

PT_Main is the master table that contains the patent number as the primary key, as well as basic information regarding the patent application. All other tables can be linked to the PT_Main table through the patent number. Due to the amount of data, we have split some tables into multiple smaller tables to make them more manageable for downloading.

Download data files

Quarterly updates: patent researcher datasets
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File name Content type File type Compressed file size (MB) Download link Data Dictionary  CSV  45 KB Download Abstract CSV 74.19 MB Download Abstract CSV 432.68 MB Download Abstract TXT 74.08 MB Download Abstract TXT 430.09 MB Download Claims CSV 1.12 MB Download Claims CSV 12.50 MB Download Claims CSV 46.05 MB Download Claims CSV 47.48 MB Download Claims CSV 48.99 MB Download Claims CSV 50.58 MB Download Claims CSV 52.83 MB Download Claims CSV 45.87 MB Download Claims CSV 51.52 MB Download Claims CSV 54.82 MB Download Claims CSV 56.00 MB Download Claims CSV 56.94 MB Download Claims CSV 57.25 MB Download Claims CSV 58.17 MB Download Claims CSV 60.26 MB Download Claims CSV 62.44 MB Download Claims CSV 65.81 MB Download Claims CSV 66.71 MB Download Claims CSV 67.17 MB Download Claims CSV 66.46 MB Download Claims CSV 65.63 MB Download Claims CSV 65.25 MB Download Claims CSV 63.18 MB Download Claims CSV 62.80 MB Download Claims CSV 64.07 MB Download Claims CSV 66.03 MB Download Claims CSV 67.83 MB Download Claims CSV 69.33 MB Download Claims CSV 71.90 MB Download Claims CSV 76.02 MB Download Claims CSV 79.37 MB Download Claims CSV 18.90 MB Download Claims TXT 1.13 MB Download Claims TXT 12.44 MB Download Claims TXT 45.83 MB Download Claims TXT 47.22 MB Download Claims TXT 48.72 MB Download Claims TXT 50.28 MB Download Claims TXT 52.50 MB Download Claims TXT 45.56 MB Download Claims TXT 51.21 MB Download Claims TXT 54.48 MB Download Claims TXT 55.64 MB Download Claims TXT 56.55 MB Download Claims TXT 56.86 MB Download Claims TXT 57.77 MB Download Claims TXT 59.84 MB Download Claims TXT 61.94 MB Download Claims TXT 65.29 MB Download Claims TXT 66.16 MB Download Claims TXT 66.63 MB Download Claims TXT 65.93 MB Download Claims TXT 65.13 MB Download Claims TXT 64.73 MB Download Claims TXT 62.71 MB Download Claims TXT 62.35 MB Download Claims TXT 63.59 MB Download Claims TXT 65.52 MB Download Claims TXT 67.29 MB Download Claims TXT 68.79 MB Download Claims TXT 71.31 MB Download Claims TXT 75.41 MB Download Claims TXT 78.71 MB Download Claims TXT 18.74MB Disclosures CSV 94.96 MB Download Disclosures CSV 351.03 MB Download Disclosures CSV 366.86 MB Download Disclosures CSV 365.94 MB Download Disclosures CSV 365.42 MB Download Disclosures CSV 386.17 MB Download Disclosures CSV 376.25 MB Download Disclosures CSV 400.96 MB Download Disclosures CSV 441.07 MB Download Disclosures CSV 481.37 MB Download Disclosures CSV 513.15 MB Download Disclosures CSV 537.05 MB Download Disclosures CSV 569.06 MB Download Disclosures CSV 610.65 MB Download Disclosures CSV 696.43 MB Download Disclosures CSV 749.72 MB Download Disclosures CSV 726.87 MB Download Disclosures CSV 740.35 MB Download Disclosures CSV 746.87 MB Download Disclosures CSV 754.52 MB Download Disclosures CSV 803.40 MB Download Disclosures CSV 792.81 MB Download Disclosures CSV 810.38 MB Download Disclosures CSV 823.39 MB Download Disclosures CSV 840.43 MB Download Disclosures CSV 885.48 MB Download Disclosures CSV 912.10 MB Download Disclosures CSV 942.10 MB Download Disclosures CSV 1.00 GB Download Disclosures CSV 1.03 GB Download Disclosures CSV 272.45 MB Download Disclosures TXT 94.52 MB Download Disclosures TXT 349.24 MB Download Disclosures TXT 365.03 MB Download Disclosures TXT 364.14 MB Download Disclosures TXT 363.60 MB Download Disclosures TXT 384.28 MB Download Disclosures TXT 374.29 MB Download Disclosures TXT 398.88 MB Download Disclosures TXT 438.78 MB Download Disclosures TXT 478.89 MB Download Disclosures TXT 510.33 MB Download Disclosures TXT 534.01 MB Download Disclosures TXT 565.71 MB Download Disclosures TXT 606.99 MB Download Disclosures TXT 692.11 MB Download Disclosures TXT 745.08 MB Download Disclosures TXT 722.22 MB Download Disclosures TXT 735.61 MB Download Disclosures TXT 742.07 MB Download Disclosures TXT 749.57 MB Download Disclosures TXT 798.12 MB Download Disclosures TXT 787.60 MB Download Disclosures TXT 804.87 MB Download Disclosures TXT 817.79 MB Download Disclosures TXT 834.63 MB Download Disclosures TXT 879.28 MB Download Disclosures TXT 905.62 MB Download Disclosures TXT 935.94 MB Download Disclosures TXT 993.58 MB Download Disclosures TXT 1.03 GB Download Disclosures TXT 270.38 MB Download Interested Parties CSV 61.83 MB Download Interested Parties CSV 150.65 MB Download IPC Classification CSV 252.56 MB Download IPC Classification CSV 419.60 MB Download Main CSV 36.63 MB Download Main CSV 72.11 MB Download Priority Claims CSV 2.69 MB Download Priority Claims CSV 13.22 MB Download

Documents and resources

Patent researcher datasets data dictionary

A detailed description of the content, format and structure of our patent CSV and TXT data

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