Notice announcing accelerated examination of patent applications related to COVID-19 relief for small entities

Practice notice published on:

CIPO has implemented a pilot process that will allow accelerated examination for inventions related to medical products and processes supporting the response to COVID-19. The process will result in faster intellectual property protection for small entity applicants and will encourage these applicants to disclose their inventions publicly. This will allow others to learn from the applications to produce further inventions in support of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small entities are either universities, or businesses employing 50 or fewer employees. To request accelerated examination, these applicants must include a statement that the technology is medical and related to COVID-19 and that an approval for its use has been obtained from or has been submitted to Health Canada. Applicants must have requested examination and paid the associated examination fee. The application must be open to public inspection or the applicant must have submitted a request for an early laid open date. There is no additional fee to use this process however all other requirements for filing, examination and fees remain.

Applicants will no longer qualify for the accelerated process if they request an extension of time or miss any deadline. Withdrawal from accelerated examination related to COVID-19 relief can be requested at any time.

The process aims to accelerate examination of up to 50 patent applications and will remain in effect until otherwise indicated by CIPO.

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