Patent Branch Maintenance Fee Calculation Sheet

Privacy Notice

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___ Additional sheets attached for listing additional patent applications or patents

The applicant requests reinstatement of the application in respect of each failure to pay a maintenance fee for which a reinstatement fee is paid.

Method of Payment

Please note that we only accept Canadian currency.

  • ___ Cash
  • ___ Cheque
  • ___ Bank draft
  • ___ Credit card
  • ___ Postal money order
  • ___ Bank transfer
  • ___ Other (specify):
  • ___ Deposit account

Authorization to charge deposit account or credit card

(By paying with a credit card or by deposit account, you are hereby authorizing CIPO to charge the total fees indicated above.)


Credit card

  • Credit card No.: __________________
  • Expiration date: __________________
  • Signature: ______________________

Deposit account

  • Deposit account No.: ______________
  • Name: _________________________
  • Signature: ______________________

Should the fees submitted with this maintenance fee calculation sheet be insufficient to cover all of the fees for which payment is explicitly requested and if clear authorization statement to charge a deficiency was included, the Commissioner, upon evaluation of that statement, may charge the amount of the deficiency to the deposit account or credit card identified above.