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The following procedural changes were discussed at the JointLiaison Committee meeting held on June 10, 1998. Please note thatthese changes will be implemented effective July 20, l998.

  1. Registration numbers for ownership changes are now reaching the 2,000,000 number. In order to avoid confusion with the actual application number, registration numbers will now begin at the 5,000,000 number range.
  2. With the deployment of Techsource, the Patent Office now builds ownership information onto tables where it is assigned a Person Company Entity number (PERC), similar to the agent registration number. This allows the Office to identify and enter ownership information by simply entering a number corresponding to the owner's name. This significantly reduces both the need for data entry and the error rate.

    In accordance with the PCT formats, the PERC database was built using upper case characters to enter ownership information. Ownership information will henceforth be entered in upper case in order to eliminate duplication in the tables and to avoid errors. In practical terms, this means that all ownership information appearing in the system and subsequent outgoing correspondence will appear in upper case.

  3. One of the advantages of Techsource is that the Patent Office now imports data received from WIPO for PCT applications. This results in savings in translation costs and greatly reduces the error rate of data entry. In many instances, as they reach National Entry, application titles in the petitions differ from the published version. The Patent Office has been modifying the system to reflect the latest title; however, this creates discrepancies between the French and English versions of the title.

    In the case of a PCT application, since the petition received at National Entry has no legal effect, the title will be maintained as published in the PCT Electronic Gazette. Therefore, the published title will now be the official title that will appear in the Techsource system and on all outgoing correspondence where the titles appear.