Patent application and examination

How to file a patent application in Canada and abroad, what the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is and how to request examination.


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Patent applications

File a Canadian patent application
How to file a Canadian patent application and guidance through the patent granting process.

File a PCT international patent application
File an application so you can later seek patent protection for your invention in any member countries.

Request national entry of a PCT application
Use your PCT international application to enter into the national phase in Canada.

Apply for a patent abroad without using the PCT
How to apply for patent protection abroad without using the PCT.

Correct applications and patents
Have your patent reissued or add a disclaimer to correct a patent application or patent you own.

Maintain your patent application
Pay maintenance fees and reinstate an abandoned patent application.


Request examination
After you file a patent application, you need to ask for it to be examined.

Expedite your patent application
Advance or accelerate patent applications related to COVID-19 relief, for green technologies or under the Patent Prosecution Highway or special order.

Ask to have the claims of a patent re-examined if new information is brought forward.


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