Information about patents and how to apply to get exclusive rights for an invention.


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What is a patent?
Definition of a patent, including what it protects and why it's beneficial to have one.

Patent application and examination
How to file a patent application (in Canada, abroad or through the Patent Cooperation Treaty), request examination in Canada and fast track examination.

A list of fees for patent filing, examination, maintenance and other patent services.

Maintain your patent
Pay maintenance fees and maintain your patent protection.

File prior art
Raise questions about the patentability of a claimed invention.

Transfer ownership
How to transfer the ownership of a patent.

Patent databases
Search patent databases and download patent office records.

Industry training visits
Volunteer to have patent examiners visit your company to learn more about the field.

Patent Appeal Board
The role and activities of the Patent Appeal Board.

Patent Branch
Research papers, patent quality, initiatives, consultations and legislation.

Order documents
Order a copy or a certified copy of a patent application or patent document.

DAS request form
Deposit a patent priority document to the WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS)



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