CIPO practices for fee payments and general authorizations

The two Practice Notices below, relating to the processing of fee payments sent by mail, facsimile or hand-delivery, will come into effect on June 8, 2009:

A new Fee form has also been introduced as part of the changes made to payment practices. Below is a summary of the changes to how CIPO processes fee payments sent by mail, facsimile or hand-delivery:

  1. A Fee form has been introduced to assist clients in providing the necessary financial information when making a fee payment;
  2. CIPO will no longer maintain a list of clients' credit card information on file;
  3. Clients will be permitted to specify only one alternate method of payment; and
  4. The use of an updated general authorization statement is recommended for fee payments sent by mail, facsimile or hand-delivery.

Should you have any questions or for further information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the resources below or contact the Client Service Centre at 1-866-997-1936.

Client resources

  • CIPO Fee form: The new Fee form helps CIPO streamline the routing of paper requests and the processing of related fee payments sent by mail, facsimile or hand-delivery. Of importance to CIPO's clients, the form will increase the security of their financial information, as information submitted in the form will not be included in the file relating to an application and will not be made available for public inspection.
  • Tariff of Fees: Ensure you are sending CIPO the correct fee payment amount by checking the Tariff of Fees.
  • FAQ: The FAQ provides clients with useful answers to common questions on CIPO's fee payment practices and the Fee form.
  • Deposit Accounts Consultation Archive: Amendments proposed as part of the consultation in August 2008 relating to electronic payment and deposit account practices.