Fee Payment Practice of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

Effective as of: June 8, 2009

This Practice Notice is intended to provide guidance on current Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) practice. However, in the event of any inconsistency between this notice and the applicable legislation, the legislation must be followed.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all necessary financial information is included with every fee payment submitted to CIPO. CIPO may not be able to process a fee payment containing incomplete or inaccurate financial information and the client will be advised accordingly.

Fee Form

In order to assist clients in providing the necessary financial information when making a fee payment as well as to improve the level of security regarding their financial information, CIPO has developed a Fee form. CIPO strongly recommends using this form for all fee payments submitted by mail, facsimile, or hand-delivery.

The Fee form must only be used to provide financial information concerning the fee payment method as well as other information that will assist CIPO's Finance and Administration Directorate in correctly processing your payment. Any substantive information, such as information concerning the purpose for which these fees are paid or information concerning the prosecution of an application, must be submitted in a separate document (such as covering correspondence). Information submitted in this form is not considered to form part of the substantive file relating to an application or any other procedure. CIPO does not make this information available for public inspection.

Credit Card List

CIPO will no longer maintain a list of clients' credit card information on file. Clients are required to clearly specify the fee amount and to provide complete and accurate credit card information for each and every payment submitted to CIPO.

Alternate Payment Method

For any given payment, CIPO will accept one primary method of payment and only one alternate method of payment, indicated on the Fee form. When necessary, CIPO will attempt to withdraw the funds from the methods of payment in the order in which they appear on the form.

General Authorizations

CIPO will accept general authorizations to charge a fee deficiency to a credit card or a deposit account. For more information on CIPO's position regarding general authorizations, please consult the Practice Notice entitled Fee Payment: General Authorization to Charge a Deficiency.