Protect IP outside Canada: 4. Apply for IP rights abroad

4. Apply for IP rights abroad

Each country has its own set of intellectual property (IP) laws. They must be followed in the formal IP protection process. Even when you use an international application system, each country will examine the international application under its own specific IP laws.

Methods for applying for IP abroad

There are 2 ways of applying for IP rights abroad:

Method 1: Apply directly with the IP office in the destination country

Apply directly through the IP office of the target country where you are seeking IP protection. An IP professional can assist in navigating the local system of the target country.

Find an IP office

Method 2: Use an international application system

Using an international application system can save both time and money when you apply for IP rights in multiple countries. An IP professional can provide guidance and an idea of the potential cost savings.

The following resources can help you learn more about how to apply though an international application system:

List of links to national IP offices