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About this release

These release notes identify two sets of changes. The first section describes Canada's adherence to the Madrid Protocol, the Singapore Agreement and the Nice Agreement. Adherence to these treaties, as well as other legislative/regulatory changes, was enacted in Bill C-31 which comes into force on . The second set of changes is related to national updates to the ST.96 structure.

With this release, CIPO is adopting ST.96 as the only production format for the distribution of the Canadian trademarks collection. The proprietary flat file version of the trademarks collection will be discontinued on .

Legislative updates:

Divisional Application Bag

Sample: 167429-00.xml

The element tmk:PriorityPartialGoodsServices is used when a priority applies to only certain goods/services. The sub element is the tmk:ClassDescriptionBag (and its sub-elements).

International Mark Identifier Bag

Sample: 148256-00.xml

The new element tmk:InternationalMarkIdentifierBag will contain the international registration number for a protocol application/protocol registration. The sub-element, tmk:InternationalMarkIdentifier, will contain the international registration number.

The term protocol application/protocol registration is used to identify marks received under the Madrid Protocol where Canada has been designated.

Mark Multimedia Bag

Sample: 1869167-00.xml

The new element tmk:MarkMultimediaBag contains the electronic representation for a multimedia mark. Only MP4 format will be disseminated. Zero or more elements are possible. The sub-elements are com:FileName and tmk:MarkMultimediaFileFormatCategory

Mark Feature Category Bag

The new element catmk:MarkFeatureCategoryBag contains a list of all the trademark types (tmk:MarkFeatureCategory) for a trademark. This element is most important when the trademark is comprised of multiple types (TrademarkBag MarkFeatureCategory = Combined)

Priority Partial Goods Services

Sample: 167429-00.xml

The element tmk:PriorityPartialGoodsServices is used when a priority applies to only certain goods/services. The sub element is the tmk:ClassDescriptionBag (and its sub-elements).

National Correspondent

Sample: 2492-00.xml

The element tmk:NationalCorrespondent now contains the Applicant Address for Service thereby replacing Representative for Service which is no longer disseminated.

Correspondent (Plaintiff - Opposition)

Sample: 24688-00.xml

The element tmk:Correspondent is now mapped to the Opponent Address for Service thereby replacing Representative for Service which is no longer disseminated.

Correspondent (Plaintiff - Section 45)

Sample: 6008-00.xml

The element tmk:Correspondent is now mapped to the Section 45 Requester Address for Service thereby replacing Representative for Service which is no longer disseminated.

Correspondence Address

Sample: 1480716-00.xml

The element com:CorrespondenceAddress, will be the address that the Office will send correspondence if different than the applicant's address.

National Associated Mark Bag

National associated marks are no longer tracked as per Bill C-31 therefore this element has been removed.

Mark Current Status Code

These new statuses may be disseminated.

Mark Current Status Code
MarkCurrentStatusCode CIPO Status Samples
Application Published Registration Pending
Default - Registration Pending
Application Withdrawn Withdrawn by OwnerFootnote 1 Withdrawn 438192-00.xml
Registration cancelled Cancelled 340653-00.xml
Registration surrendered Cancelled by Owner 148323-00.xml
Interruption of Proceeding Deemed Never Filed Inactive - Transferred 1866088-00.xml

Mark Event Category (Actions)

These new mark event/actions may be disseminated.

Mark Event Category (Actions)
MarkEventCategoryFootnote 2 Action Samples
Application withdrawn
  • Withdrawn – Failure to Renew Withdrawn
Interruption of proceeding
  • Transferred
  • Inactivated
  • Abandoned – Section 36
  • Abandoned – Section 40(3)
  • Abandoned
  • Abandoned – Section 38 Opposition
  • Abandoned – Section 36
  • Opp/S45
  • Merger Recorded
  • Deemed Never Filed
Registration cancelled
  • Expunged Failure to Renew
  • Expunged – Non Use
  • Expunged – Court Order
  • Cancelled Section 50 UCA
  • Expunged – Failure to Provide Information
  • Cancelled Section 23 UCA
  • Cancelled Section 48 UCA Removed
  • Expunged – Failure to Provide Additional Renewal Fee
  • Expunged under Section 44.1(1)

Multiple Designs/Electronic Representation Support

Representation can now be single or multiple designs which will be packaged with the XML dissemination file. An element tmk:MarkImage will be disseminated for each design file. Additionally, zero or more sound files may be disseminated as mp3 (wav files will no longer be disseminated). A tmk:MarkSoundBag will be disseminated for each sound file. Finally, zero or more video files may be disseminated as mp4. A tmk:MarkMultimediaBag will be disseminated for each video file.


  • Multiple Designs: 1024785-00.xml, 1024785.png and 1024785-1.png
  • Multiple Representations: 1869167-00.xml, 1869167.mp3, 1869167-1.png, 1869167-1.mp4, 1869167-2.png)
  • Multiple Sounds: 1874062.xml, 1874062.mp3, 1874062-1.mp3


The following new footnotes may now be disseminated:

Footnotes Samples
Remove Change of Name 1909306-00.xml
Remove Assignment - Transfer 1909306-00.xml
Ownership Change Merger 74226-00.xml
Change of Ownership of International Registration 1854623-00.xml

Mark StandardCharacter Indicator

New element tmk:MarkStandardCharacterIndicator will be used in conjunction with MarkFeatureCategoryType = Word. It will be set to True when trademark type is Standard Characters and to False when it is a Word mark.

Otherwise it will not be disseminated.


  • 980317-00.xml
  • 111-00.xml

Mark Feature Category Types

New trademark types and combined marks will be mapped as follows:

Mark Feature Category Types
MarkFeature CategoryType Trademark Type Trademark Class Samples
Word Standard Characters Word - 111-00.xml 980317-00.xml
Figurative Design - 1031-00.xml
Combined Multi-type - 1024785-00.xml
3-D Three-dimensional (3-D) Distinguishing Guise 1905771-00.xml
Colour Colour - 1861396-00.xml
Sound Sound - 714314-00.xml
Hologram Hologram - 1840490-00.xml
Olfactory Scent - 1885932-00.xml
Motion Motion - 1864275-00.xml
Touch Texture - -
Taste 9-Taste - 1858559-00.xml
Position Position - 1934706-00.xml
Other Mode of packaging goods - -

National Updates

Nice classes for Sections 9s

Sample: 971566-00.xml

All Nice classes will be provided for Section 9s with no Goods/Services.


Sample: 116220-00.xml

tmk:MarkDisclaimerText will be disseminated in both languages, and disclaimer type 5 will be disseminated.

GI Category Type 3 Descriptions

Sample: 1922530-00.xml

New CA element catmk:NationalProductCategoryBag was introduced to map GI category type descriptions for Agricultural Products and Foods.


BasisInternationalRegistrationIndicator will no longer be disseminated.

Inte Prestedarties

Sample: 1745-00.xml – Previous Owner, 149163-00.xml - Registrant

Updated interested party mapping includes Previous Owner and Registrant.

Inte Prestedarties
Relationship ST.96 Mapping InterestedParty Category Registrant Applicant
Owner (1) Applicant - - -
Owner (1) Applicant - X -
Owner (1) Applicant / InterestedParty Applicant X X
Owner (1) Applicant / InterestedParty Applicant - X
Previous Owner (2) InterestedParty Applicant
Previous Owner (2) InterestedParty Previous Owner - -
Previous Owner (2) InterestedParty Registrant X -
Previous Owner (2) InterestedParty Previous Owner - X
Pending Owner (3) N/A N/A - -
Trustee (4) InterestedParty Trustee - -
Opponent (5) OppositionProceedingBag/Plaintiff - - -
S45 Requester (6) CancellationProceedings/Plaintiff - - -

Permission to reproduce

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