Template: Statement of Opposition to an Application for Registration of a Trademark


To: The Registrar of Trade-marks
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

In the Matter of an Opposition by.......... to application No..........


1. The opponent (a).......... the full post office address of whose principal office or place of business is .........., gives notice of opposition to the proposed registration of the trademark advertised under the above number in the issue of the Trademarks Journal dated .......... The grounds of opposition are as follows:


Omit this paragraph if the address in paragraph 1 is a Canadian address or if the opponent has no office or place of business in Canada.

2. The address of the opponent's principal office or place of business in Canada is..........

Omit this paragraph if a Canadian address is given for the opponent in paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 and the opponent does not wish to appoint a special representative for service.

3. The opponent appoints (c).........., whose full post office address in Canada is.......... as the person (or firm) upon whom service of any document in respect of the opposition may be made with the same effect as if it had been served upon the opponent.


Instructions for Form 8.




In the case of a corporation, give full name.



In the case of an individual, give the surname and at least one given name. If the individual trades under a name other than the individual's own name, follow the individual's name by the words "trading as" and then give the trading name.



In the case of a partnership, give the name under which the partnership trades.




Give each of the grounds of opposition relied upon by the opponent (see subsection 38(2) of the Act) in sufficient detail to enable the applicant to prepare a counter statement.




Give the name of the person or firm in Canada appointed as opponent's agent for service.