2020-2021 CIPO IP Research Agenda

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) undertakes research and data analysis to better understand IP trends and inform decision-making.

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Publish and share research to support the dissemination of IP knowledge to Canadians and the users of the Canadian IP system

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is committed to disseminating its economic research and IP analytics reports. In addition, CIPO hosts an annual IP Research Workshop that brings together researchers from across the Government of Canada and leaders in IP research from other IP offices, research institutions and universities. CIPO's economic research and IP analytics are supported by a publication strategy that outlines the what, when, where, how and who of our work.

Publications and the IP Research Workshop

Disseminating intellectual property (IP) knowledge to Canadians and the users of the Canadian IP system

Economics of IP

Forecasting, surveys, econometric analysis and understanding the role of IP in innovation and economic growth

IP Analytics

A view of the IP activity of Canadian inventors, scientists, companies, universities and research institutions by technology area in Canada and around the world

IP Data

The foundation of developing an evidence base to support sound IP policy and operational decision-making

Economics of IP research

Conduct leading-edge economic research to support the development of a strong evidence base to inform IP policy and operational decision-making.

IP Canada Report 2020

The report presents trends in the use of IP, both domestically and by Canadian innovators and businesses abroad. This report relies both on CIPO's own internal data and on data from the World Intellectual Property Organization. This will be the fourth iteration of the report.

The role of IP among high growth small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

This study will explore the relationship between IP and scaling-up. Specifically, the study will look at the relationship between holding IP and economic outcomes such as growth or market expansion.

Forecasting IP Demand

Development of forecasting models using state-of-the-art techniques that incorporate machine learning. IP forecasting helps CIPO maintain the appropriate workforce to deliver quality and timely rights to applicants.

Surveys on IP in Canada

CIPO works with our partners in Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) to deliver key inputs related to IP on innovation and industry surveys administered by Statistics Canada, including:

  • IP Awareness and Use Survey
  • Survey of Innovation and Business Strategies
  • Survey on Financing and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises

IP analytics

Undertake IP analytics to inform innovation in key sectors, markets and technologies

Artificial Intelligence Technologies 

An artificial intelligence (AI) patent landscape report with a focus on patented inventions filed by Canadian institutions and researchers. This report highlights the top Canadian applicants and segments the data set into various categories of AI in order to obtain a deeper understanding of where Canada's strengths lie.

Materials for Clean Fuels Research

Analysis on the use of patented inventions by Canadian and global researchers and corporate institutions in the field of clean technologies as it aligns with the National Research Council's Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge program.

Patenting by Post-Secondary Institutions

This report examines patenting activity by Canadian post-secondary institutions worldwide. Key to the study is the use of algorithms to identify researchers and professors at institutions that do not have a university-owned IP policy, thus providing a more accurate representation of the overall patenting activity by the academic sector in Canada.

Trademark Analytics

This research will explore the international trademark filing habits and linkages to international trade. Ultimately, this research will improve our understanding of the current and expected future activity of companies abroad.

IP Analytics to Support Government Priorities

CIPO works with ISED to develop measures to support the delivery of the Innovation and Skills Plan and the IP Strategy. Specifically, we are measuring the patenting activities of the Economic Strategy Tables and the Innovation Superclusters Initiative.  

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