Trademark Common Status Descriptors

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is pleased to announce that in an effort to contribute to a more harmonized and user-friendly online search experience for trademark users around the world, it will be adding Common Status Descriptors to the online Canadian Trademarks Database.

The Common Status Descriptors Project is a project led by TM5 that helps trademark users easily identify the status of trademarks in global databases. The icons provide quick, visual information about the status of a particular trademark application or registration. Even if a user is unable to read the language of the application or registration information, the trademark's status is immediately clear to the viewer by seeing either a green or a red symbol.

TM5 is a multilateral cooperation forum comprised of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, China National Intellectual Property Administration, European Union Intellectual Property Office, Japan Patent Office, and Korean Intellectual Property Office. Visit the TM5 website for more information.

We invite you to visit our glossary for a full list of all TM5 Common Status Descriptors.

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