Common List of Authorities for Hearings

The common practice of the Trademarks Opposition Board concerning the filing of case law and books of authorities is set forth in the practice notices entitled Practice in Trademark Opposition Proceedings (Practice in Opposition) and Practice in Section 45 Proceedings (Practice in section 45). [Refer to section X.8–Jurisprudence of Practice in Opposition and section VII.7-Jurisprudence of Practice in section 45].

The Common List of Authorities (Common List) identifies cases that are frequently cited in opposition and/or section 45 proceedings. The Common List may be updated occasionally.

For proceedings before the Trademarks Opposition Board, a party who has chosen to provide the Registrar with a book of authorities is not obliged to include a copy of any of the authorities included on the Common List. However, the party is still required to identify in its list of case law, the authorities that are found on the Common List upon which it intends to rely.

Tab Judgments
1 Bojangles' International LLC v Bojangles Café Ltd, 2006 FC 657
2 Canada (Registrar of Trade-marks) v Cie Internationale pour l'informatique CII Honeywell Bull, SA (1985), 4 CPR (3d) 523 (FCA)
3 Dion Neckwear Ltd v Christian Dior SA et al, 2002 FCA 29
4 Domaines Pinnacle Inc v Constellation Brands Inc, 2016 FCA 302
5 John Labatt Ltd v Molson Companies Ltd (1990), 30 CPR (3d) 293 (FCTD)
6 Labatt Brewing Company v Molson Breweries, Partnership (1996), 68 CPR (3d) 216 (FCTD)
7 MC Imports Inc v AFOD Ltd, 2016 FCA 60
8 Masterpiece Inc v Alavida Lifestyles Inc, 2011 SCC 27
9 Mattel, Inc v 3894207 Canada Inc, 2006 SCC 22
10 Motel 6, Inc v No 6 Motel Ltd et al (1981), 56 CPR 44 (FCTD)
11 Nissan Canada Inc v BMW Canada Inc, 2007 FCA 255
12 Park Avenue Furniture Corporation v Wickes/Simmons Bedding Ltd and The Registrar of Trade Marks (1991), 37 CPR (3d) 413 (FCA)
13 Pizzaiolo Restaurants Inc v Les Restaurants La Pizzaiolle Inc, 2016 FCA 265
14 Plough (Canada) Ltd v Aerosol Fillers Inc (1980), 53 CPR (2d) 62 (FCA)
15 Promafil Canada Ltd v Munsingwear Inc (1992), 44 CPR (3d) 59 (FCA)
16 Re Andres Wines Ltd and E & J Gallo Winery (1975), 25 CPR (2d) 126 (FCA)
17 Shell Canada Limited v PT Sari Incofood Corporation, 2008 FCA 279
18 Scott Paper Limited v Smart & Biggar, 2008 FCA 129
19 Uvex Toko Canada Ltd v Performance Apparel Corp, 2004 FC 448
20 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin v Boutiques Cliquot Ltée, 2006 SCC 23