Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial - Lesson 5: Find Translation

In this lesson, we will cover the following:


If you're unsure what the search criteria is in the alternative official language, you can simply search for and include the terms you need by translating ‘English to French' or ‘French to English'.

Terms are extracted from TERMIUM Plus®, the terminology and linguistic data bank of the Government of Canada.

Using bilingual search

Select the “Find Translation” tab next to ‘Search'.

  1. Click the drop-down menu to “Select a search field”. To learn more about the searchable fields, go to Lesson 3: Refining Searches .
  2. Enter the desired term(s) under the “search criteria” text field.
    For example: apple
  3. Select ‘English to French' or ‘French to English' under “Include Translation”.
  4. You may choose to select your preferred display of result options. For more assistance, please refer to Lesson 4: Additional Search Options – Modifying the display of results .
  5. Once completed, click “Search” to generate your search results. You may also choose to click “Clear” to restart.
  6. The invitation to link to TERMIUM Plus will appear. Click “Yes” to accept.
    Note: If you accept, you will be able to select criteria from a list of alternative language equivalents that are organized by subject category. Once you complete your selection, the chosen criteria will be added to your query.
  7. Click the particular subject category to expand terms then select the associated equivalent terms listed to generate a checkmark.
    For example: the equivalent terms searched for “apple
  8. After you have finalized your choice of terms, click “Continue” to add to your query the equivalent terms you have selected.

Go to “Find translation of searched text” section from the Database's Assistance file to learn more.