Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial - Lesson 6: Results Returned of Trademark Records

In this section we will cover the following:

There are various features available to help you tailor your results to your preference.

The number of trademark results returned depends on the elements you've chosen for your search criteria. The search criteria is a brief summary of the search you've conducted.

Important: The maximum number of results that can be returned is 5000. This means that your search results are limited and are retrieved by the database system based on relevancy.

Go to “Select the number of results per page” section from the Database's Assistance file to learn more.

The results will display your search query after you have clicked the “Search Criteria” arrow, as well as the number of results found.

Select trademark record

Under the “Trademark” column, click a  record to view its details.

View options

The results returned can be displayed as list or grid format. You can click the icon to select your preferred view or alternate between both viewing options. Beneath “View”, the list icon shows three small squares adjacent to three rectangles and is found on the left side. The grid icon shows four equally-sized squares and is found on the right side.

The icon that is highlighted in grey indicates the chosen view.

Important: The default view is in list format. It is recommended to use the grid format instead, when using a smaller window or a handheld device (i.e. smart phone or tablet).

Go to “Display results in a list or grid” section from the Database's Assistance file to learn more.

Filter results

When you're in list view, you can enter the desired key letters, numbers or terms in the text field to filter your results. After doing so, it will specify how many entries are filtered from the number of results you've selected to be returned.

Sort by

The sort by feature enables you to rearrange the sequence of trademark results by either ascending or descending order.

The grey highlighted arrow indicates if the results are displayed in ascending (upward arrow) or descending (downward arrow) order according to the criteria of the listed column.

For list view, place your cursor over the particular column and click with your mouse.

For example, to sort search results by application number, you can place the cursor over the “Application number” column and click with your mouse.

For grid view, click the drop-down menu to select the particular category and if you wish, use the arrows accordingly.

For example, to sort search results by CIPO status, you can click the drop-down menu to select “CIPO status” and click the ascending or descending arrow accordingly.

Number of entries per page

You will have the option to customize the amount of entries shown per page, which depends on the chosen view option.

To view list results you can display in increments of 25, 50, or 100. The default is 25 entries shown.

Whereas to view grid results you can display in increments of 4, 8, 12 or 16. The default is 4 entries shown.

Click “Next” to view more entries if needed.

Note: A maximum of 500 entries can be displayed per search results set.


If applicable, a representation of the particular trademark record will be displayed. You can also click the image to reveal it in a larger view.

Sound marks

Under the “Representation” column, you can listen to a sound mark file to identify the specific trademark record.

Click “Listen to sound file” and a separate window will appear to play the sound.

Nice Class

Under the “Nice class” column, the specific trademark record may be classified under a Nice classification category.