Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial - Lesson 7: Trademark Details

In this section we will cover the following:

Trademark records and their detail categories

Click the particular trademark record found in the results to view its distinct details.

There are three tabs available to navigate between different sections of the trademark details page. These include: Summary Information, Details and Action History.

A trademark record captures critical data about a trademark registrant and the registration steps, along with dates, company information and more.

The detail categories found on trademark records are listed below:

Detail categories found on trademark records

Summary information

Application/Registration numbers

An application number is assigned when the trademark process begins and a registration number is assigned when the trademark is registered


The current status of the trademark (all active, pending, registered, all inactive)

Key Dates

Record of when the trademark was first filed, formalized, advertised, registered, inactivated

Interested Parties

Names and addresses of both the owner and her/his representatives for service and trade-mark agent

Descriptive Reference

The name, type, as well as description

Additional information

Further information such as claims, notices, associated trademarks, and footnotes


Index headings

The index headings identify all word components of the trademark

Vienna information

The Vienna codes and description associated with the particular trademark

Goods and services

A description of the goods/services associated with the trademark

Additional information

Other information includes claims, foreign character translation, classification data, associated marks, footnotes and more

Action history


A record of the trademark process including relevant dates, additional comments, as well as the type of action made.

For more detailed explanations of each data category, see "Searchable Fields " section of the Database's Assistance file.

Additional buttons and their functions

Expand all

To release all categories relating to the trademark from “Summary Information” and “Details”

Collapse all

To close all categories relating to the trademark from “Summary Information” and “Details”

Back to search page

To return to the search database page

Back to search results

To return to the search database results

Save as PDF

To save the details of the particular trademark record as a PDF


To obtain a hard copy of the particular trademark details, click “Print” and select your printer