File a new or amended trademark or certification mark application

Follow the step-by-step process to file a new or amended trademark or certification mark application.


Welcome to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) Trademarks e-Filing service.

With this online service, you can file a new or amended trademark or certification mark application. Once you have paid your application fee, you will immediately receive your application number.

1. Before you apply

If you have not already done so, we suggest that you do the following before you start your application:

2. Application requirements

A trademark application that has the following will receive a filing date and application number:

  • An implicit or explicit indication that registration of a trademark is being sought;
  • the name and contact information of the applicant;
  • a representation or description of the trademark (such as a drawing);
  • the goods or services that the trademark is associated with; and
  • the application fee

3. After you apply — Filing an amended application

You may have to file an amended trademark or certification mark application after having received an examination report.

  • Use the amendment online service only if you have already filed a trademark or certification mark application and have a CIPO filing receipt.
  • Certain amendments to your application are not allowed. Check which changes are allowed by reading section 35 of the Trademarks Regulations.

Telephone amendments expanded practice — Trademark amendments without an examiner's report

Effective on , we are expanding our practice on telephone amendments. You or your appointed agent might get a call from a trademark examiner asking for:

Verbal permission to amend your application

A trademark examiner might call to ask for verbal permission to:

  • Adding the statement "pantone is a registered trademark" to a colour claim where reference is made to the Pantone colour system.
  • Add missing disclaimers related to the use of a trademarked colour system or the 11-point maple leaf
An electronic revised trademark application

A trademark examiner might call to ask you to send an amended trademark application if:

  • Deleting a TM, MC or registration symbol from the trademark representation.
  • Properly linking priority claims to amended statements of goods or services.
  • Amending typographical errors contained in a statement of goods or services.
  • Amending errors in punctuation contained in a statement of goods or services.
  • Requesting a minor amendment to a statement of goods or services for compliance with paragraph 30(2)(a) of the Trademarks Act and section 29 of the Trademarks Regulations.
  • Amending the classification of goods or services that are incorrectly classed according to the Nice classification.
  • Requesting a minor change to goods or services for compliance with subsection 30(3) of the Trademarks Act.
  • Requesting minor changes to the description of a colour claim.
  • Requesting a visual representation of the trademark in colour or in black and white.
  • Requesting a clearer visual representation of the trademark.
  • Requesting a translation or transliteration of the trademark.
  • Requesting a modification to an incorrectly identified trademark type.
  • Requesting minor changes to a trademark description.
  • Requesting more information for an incomplete mailing address.

4. Send a general correspondence

You may have to send correspondence to the Registrar on a variety of trademark topics to the Office through the e-General Correspondence, as an alternative to facsimile or postal mail.

Examples of the types of correspondence that can be sent to the Office include appointment or revocation of a trademark agent; cancellation or withdrawal of a registration or application; change of name or address; division of an application, and requests for extensions of time and will also allow clients to pay a fee, when applicable.

5. Use our online services (you must log in)

Log in to the Trademark e-filing application

  • The online service is on a secure server on the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada website.
  • You need a My Canada Business Account to use the Trademark e-filing application.
    • Don't have an account? Visit the login page and follow the steps to create an account.
If you are an agent...

If you are a new user of this system, you will need to activate your CIPO username by contacting the Formalities section by telephone at 819-997-2590 or by facsimile at 819-953-2476.

To find out your CIPO username, log in to any CIPO online service. Once you've logged in, your CIPO username will be shown at the top of the page where it says "Signed in as [username]."

It is important to provide the Formalities section with your CIPO username exactly as you applied for it. It is case sensitive and must be a precise match.

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