Find translation of searched text

If you are conducting a basic search and are familiar with only one of our official languages (English or French), you can include equivalent terms in the other official language so that you can broaden your search. The “Find translation” option allows you to choose current equivalent terms in either English or French from subject categories provided by the Government of Canada's TERMIUM Plus® linguistic data bank.

Example: Your search criterion is "milk" and you want to include the French equivalent but you do not know what this is

  1. Select the search tab called "Find translation".
  2. In "Select a search field", make a selection (please refer below to number 2 in "Important advice").
  3. Enter "milk" in the "Enter search criteria" text field.
  4. In the "Include translation" drop-down list, select from the language options "English to French", and click on the "Search" button.

    You will be presented with a page advising that you will link to TERMIUM Plus® and that you alone will be responsible for the criteria selected for your search.

  5. If you select "No", you will be returned to the "Find translation" page. Therefore, select "Yes", and you will be presented with a set of subject categories relevant to the word "milk" with appropriate French terms to choose from.
  6. Select from the list of available terms by placing a checkmark and click on "Continue".

    This will add your selected terms to the original search criterion "milk" in the "Enter search criteria" search field. Leave the "Find translation"  and go to the "Search" tab to start the search in the Canadian Trademarks Database.

  7. Conduct an "Advanced" search and in "Select a search field", make a selection (please refer below to number 2 in "Important advice").
  8. Enter MILK "OR" LAIT in the "Enter search criteria" text field and click on the "Search" button.

Important advice:

  1. When you want to use the “Find translation” feature, you should enter a limited number of search criteria and only in one language, English or French. Entering too many criteria may increase the search time and the resulting list of equivalent language terms may also be very lengthy.
  2. The bilingual search feature will be useful only with the following 7 search fields options  for this type of search:
    1. TM Lookup,
    2. Trademark Description,
    3. Index Heading,
    4. Goods,
    5. Services,
    6. Goods and Services and
    7. Disclaimer.