Registration and renewal of trademarks

Maintaining the registration for 10 years.

Warning: scam notices related to patents or trademarks

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is aware of various scam mail or email being sent to holders of patent and trademark registrations. Protect yourself! Find out more about non-CIPO solicitations and learn how you can report it.

1. Before you begin

You need a My Canada Business Account to log in to our online services.

Don't have an account? Visit the login page and follow the steps to create an account.

You may pay any fee using a credit card or by deposit account.

If you are an agent...

Activate your CIPO username by contacting the Trademarks Operations section by phone at 819-997-2590, or by fax at 819-953-2476. Do not contact us if it is already activated.

Note: It is important that you give the Formalities section your CIPO username exactly as you applied for it. It is case-sensitive and must be recorded exactly as it was applied for.

2. Access the registration and renewal online services (you must log in)

Sign in with your account credentials.

You should review our system requirements and information summary to make sure you have the appropriate software.

3. Services available

You may use this web application to:

  • pay the registration fee (for applications filed prior to ); and
  • renew your trademark registration

Trademark registration and renewal e-service

4. After you register or renew

You will be able to view the following items online:

  • registration certificate
  • renewal certificate

We will send all other communications to you by regular mail.

Future correspondence

The registration certificate and the registration page are available online. However, all further correspondence related to the registration must be done by regular mail.