Trademark Practice Committee - Terms of Reference - December 2016


To collaborate and strengthen communications between the Trademarks Branch and Trademark professionals.

To identify and discuss issues, develop solutions, and advance innovative practice approaches that will support a robust registration process to provide quality trademark rights.

To further collaborate on providing timely and consistent services to our clients.


TMPC will be co-chaired by the Director General of the Trademarks Branch at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and by the Chair of the Trademark Practice Committee at the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC).

The Co-Chairs will be responsible for chairing all meetings of TMPC.

Each Co-Chair will be the designated contact person for their respective groups for any issues relating to the TMPC.


The Committee is comprised of members from IPIC and from CIPO, with each entity responsible for designating their own members.

TMPC members are expected to come to the table ready to discuss agenda topics, and refrain from discussing cases specific to their individual business. They are to represent the interest of their profession by tabling issues, discussing practice considerations, proposing options for solutions, and making recommendations that will benefit the Canadian trademark community.

Members will be encouraged to express themselves freely, and without apprehension or prejudice.

Operating Guidelines

Prior to a TMPC meeting, the Co-Chairs will send a call letter to all Committee members inviting them to submit agenda items for consideration.

The final agenda with topics for discussion drafted by the Co-Chairs will be sent to all members of the Committee in advance of scheduled meetings.

CIPO will provide Secretariat support to the Committee (i.e. logistics, Record of Discussion, etc.).

Records of Discussions will be available in both official languages and published to the CIPO website.

The TMPC will liaise with the IPIC Trademark Practice Committee through its designated Co-Chair, who will make available records of discussions to members of that IPIC sub-committee.

Issues related to Trademark practices and processes that IPIC Council or the IPIC Trademark Practice Committee wish to raise, can be included in the agenda of the TMPC. Likewise, issues that the Trademarks Branch at CIPO wishes to discuss with industry stakeholders and more specifically with IPIC members, can be included in the agenda of the IPIC Trademark Practice Committee.

Frequency of Meetings

TMPC meetings will be held once every quarter, with additional meetings scheduled as required.

The duration of meetings will be determined by the agenda but on average will be scheduled for two (2) hours.

TMPC meetings will be held at CIPO headquarters in Place du Portage, Gatineau QC, with teleconferencing capability for those wishing to participate remotely.


The present Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually as a standing item for the first meeting of the fiscal year. The Terms of Reference may also be amended at any time subject to the consent of all members.