Trademarks Opposition Board – List of employees

This page provides a list of all Trademarks Opposition Board (TMOB) employees. In the case of the decision-makers, the date on which they received the Registrar of Trademarks' delegation under subsection 63(3) of the Trademarks Act is also indicated.

Decision Makers:

Name Title Delegation Date
Andrew BeneFootnote * Member November 2011
Annie Robitaille Member July 2007
Ann-Laure BrouilletteFootnote * Member October 2020
Cindy Folz Member January 1999
Coleen Morrison Member September 2022
Émilie Dubreuil Hearing Officer June 2023
Eve HeafeyFootnote * Member November 2020
Gregory MelchinFootnote * Member September 2018
Iana Alexova Member August 2018
Jaimie Bordman Member September 2022
Jennifer Galeano Member January 2017
Kathryn BarnettFootnote * Member November 2007
Leigh Walters Member October 2022
Maria Ledezma Hearing Officer March 2022
Natalie de Paulsen Member June 2011
Neena Kushwaha Chairperson December 2023
Oksana OsadchukFootnote * Member May 2016
Simone Oberacher Hearing Officer April 2020
Timothy Stevenson Member February 2019

Registry Services and Policy:

Name Title
Alejandra Manzanares Project Officer
Anne Pieschke Executive Assistant
Eric Dupont Manager, Registry Services
Geneviève O'Bryan Student
Guylaine Lefebvre Senior Policy Analyst
Jonathan Forrest Hearing Coordinator
Kristen Scharf Registry Officer
Maxime Arsenault Supervisor, Case Management
Natasha Thievessen Administrative Assistant
Sarah Belland Registry Officer
Valerie Bloom Project Officer

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