World IP Day 2024

World IP Day 2024 – Intellectual property and the Sustainable Development Goals: Building our common future with innovation and creativity

This year, World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD) examines how intellectual property (IP) can amplify innovation and creativity in our pursuit of common goals and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDGs are developed by the United Nations and are key in creating global economic, social and environmental sustainability. This campaign highlights the areas in which IP is part of a global strategy to improve health and education, reduce inequality, drive economic growth and spur climate action. IP can help pave the way to a more equitable future.   

Canadian IP owners stories


Ottawa-based company TerraFixing is on a mission to help combat climate change. The company contributes to the following objectives: Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Climate action; Life on land.

The ALLELES Design Studio

Canadian design studio ALLELES specializes in the design and fabrication of fashionable covers for limb prostheses. Its industrial designs highlight industry and innovation, and promote advancement in wellness for people with disabilities.

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network is the first national Indigenous broadcaster to televise the stories of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the world. Its work supports several SDGs such as promoting justice and strong institutions.

Certification marks

Stamped with excellence: The power of certification marks

A certification mark can set your product apart from your competitors, whether by symbolizing an energy-efficient appliance, vegan skincare or recyclable material.

Canadian certification marks: A gateway to SDGs

What are certification marks and how can they contribute to SDGs?

Celebrate WIPD 2024

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy 2023 to 2027

Read about what the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and its partners are doing to make progress towards SDGs by 2030.


Celebrate WIPD 2024: Building our common future with innovation and creativity!

WIPD 2024 Social Media Kit

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