Canadian life science clinical research and manufacturing capabilities

An important trend in the global pharmaceutical industry over the last decade has been to externalize drug R&D programs and manufacturing, including via partnerships with academia, small and medium sized enterprises ( SME s), government research centres as well as specialized research and manufacturing organizations. As part of this trend, Contract Research Organizations ( CRO s) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations ( CMO s) have become an essential part of the life science value chain, by offering comprehensive services to speed up product development plans and increase manufacturing efficiency. It is estimated that 60% of innovator small molecules and 82% of innovator biologics have their roots in research carried out outside of big pharmaceutical companies over the past decade, with manufacturing and service organizations playing an increasingly important role in supporting the growth of emerging biotechnology companies in areas that include stem cell research and engineering biology, and by providing essential support in meeting stringent regulatory reviews. This profile of Canadian CMO s and CRO s provides an overview of the services of a few select Canadian organizations.

Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organizations
Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organizations
Company Description Animal Models Trial and Protocol Design Ethics & Regulatory Submissions Other
AccelLAB Inc. Your partner of choice for preclinical safety and efficacy testing of medical devices in the fields of cardiology and orthopaedics. yes yes yes Cardiology; Medical Devices; Orthopaedics
BioAuxilium Research BioAuxilium focuses on developing and manufacturing assay kits that accelerate biomedical research, based on the company's proprietary THUNDER™ TR-FRET technology.
The company provides customized services in assay development using diverse technologies on a contract basis. Services include antibody labeling, best matched antibody pair screening, assay development, compound profiling, and bioanalysis using immunoassays.
no no no Product development; Multimode microplate readers
BRI Biopharmaceutical Research Inc. BRI Biopharmaceutical Research Inc. is a specialized analytical, bioanalytical and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics contract research organization (CRO) servicing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in discovery, preclinical and clinical programs supporting IND (Investigational New Drug) and NDA (New Drug Application) enabling studies. yes no no Bioanalytical services; CMC; Pharmacokinetics
CiToxLAB CiToxLAB is a one-stop-shop CRO in laboratory sciences investigations, including bioanalysis and biomarkers investigations yes no no Bioanalytical services; Carcinogenicity; Immunology; Pharmacokinetics; Pharmacology; Toxicology
ITR Laboratories Canada Inc. ITR Laboratories Canada is an accredited GLP-compliant non-clinical CRO specializing in multi-species animal efficacy model, laboratory support services and toxicological evaluations for all types of molecules and immunotherapy platforms. yes no no Bioanalytical services; Materials; Preclinical trials; Product development; Statistics and data management; Strategic consulting
NuChem Therapeutics NuChem Therapeutics is a synthetic chemistry and biology contract research organization located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal. The company provides integrated services to early drug discovery projects for our clients spanning from in silico chemistry, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, ADME/PK, Biochemistry, cell biology and in vivo pharmacology, in the area of small molecule drug discovery. yes yes no Bioanalytical Services; Chemistry (Medicinal, Synthetic and/or Organic)
Nucro-Technics Nucro-Technics is a full-service Contract Research Organization that specializes in providing services to organizations that engage in drug research and have compounds in their pipeline at the preclinical and clinical stage. yes yes yes Bioanalytical services; Proteomics; Toxicology
Pegasus Biotech Pegasus Biotech is a Contract Research Organization focused on biopharmaceuticals and DNA vaccines (DNA, autogenous, rProtein) for human and animal health markets. The company provides development activities for client projects in the proof-of-concept stage or moving into production stage. no no yes Bioanalytical Services; Product Development;ELISA Development and validation, QPCR development and validation, fermentation, cell culture, formulation development, stability testing.
Clinical Contract Research Organizations
Clinical Contract Research Organizations
Company Description Phase I Phase II-III Phase IV Regulatory Counselling Other
Allphase Allphase provides clinical development strategy and management services for early-stage to post-market programs, including the management of clinical studies and regulatory affairs. yes yes yes no -
Altasciences Altasciences are a forward-thinking, mid-size early phase contract research organization, in Canada and the U.S., offering biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes a proven, flexible approach to early drug development, including preclinical safety testing, clinical pharmacology (Phase I / II), bioanalysis (preclinical to Phase IV), research services, and manufacturing and analytical services. Focused on your success … always available and always looking ahead. Moving in unison to deliver big impact with a personal touch. yes yes no no Trial and Protocol Design; Preclinical Trials; Animal Models; Medical Writing; Bioanalytical Services; Statistics and Data Management;
AzadMedica Inc.

As a CRO with regional/national/global reach, AzadMedica Inc. provides expertise in healthcare intelligence to support pharmaceutical & biotechnology and medical device companies taking their assets from concept to market, merging its research expertise, data insights, and patient perspective to address clinical development challenges with insights and impacts.

AzadMedica provides access to a Virtual Clinical Research Site, and its data scientists combine project outcomes and technology information to offer data visualization in a format that transforms the way research is done.

yes yes yes yes Medical Writing; Product Development; Statistics and Data Management; Strategic Consulting; Trials and Protocol Design
BioPharma Services Inc. Bio Pharma is a full-service CRO focused on providing Phase I/IIa and bioequivalence clinical services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. Support services include regulatory and scientific affairs, PK design and support, medical writing, data management, biostatistics, and bioanalytics. I-IIa no no yes Alcohol and DD-Interaction; FIH; Human abuse liability; SAD/MAD
CIRION CIRION is GLP contract research lab of two core services: R&D (specializing in the area of large molecules and biomarkers) and global central laboratory (specializing in the global logistical and project management services of multi-site clinical trials). yes yes yes no Bioanalytical services; Biology; Biomarkers; Biosimilar; Central lab; Materials; preclinical trials; Stats and data management; Trial and protocol design
Clinical Development Solutions An experienced and innovative CRO, CDS provides strategic consulting and hands-on clinical development and regulatory support, and clinical trial execution; specializing in cardiovascular, metabolic, oncology, and all areas of early stage medicinal product development. yes yes yes yes ISO Certifications; Monitoring; Pharmacovigilance; Project management; QA; Scientific and medical writing
CRM Pharma Consulting Inc. CRM Pharma Consulting Inc. provides services in clinical research, regulatory and medical affairs, with expertise in management and planning of programs for drugs, biologics, devices, cell therapies and nutraceuticals. Services include preparation of regulatory submissions to Health Canada, development and management of investigator run trials, management of multi center global clinical trials from site selection to publication, training of physicians and health care providers in GCPs and clinical research. no yes yes yes Medical writing; Project management; Regulatory consulting; Strategic consulting; Trials and protocol design
dicentra dicentra is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) and professional consulting firm that specializes in addressing all matters related to safety, quality, and compliance for all product categories in the life sciences and food industries. We evaluate, implement, and provide all the necessary support for nutraceutical and food products to gain market access and build confidence in your brand. Since our inception in 2002, we have completed over 18,000 projects and serviced over 1,200 companies internationally. yes yes yes yes Animal Models; Bioanalytical Services; Preclinical Trials; Trials and Protocol Design Medical Writing; Product Development; Statistics and Data Management; Strategic Consulting
Diex Research Founded in 2006, the DIEX group manages 3 different research centers in Canada. With over 350 trials completed over the years, DIEX has the element of success needed in the industry and many ways to accommodate to its clients' needs for the conduct of phase II-III trials no yes no no -
Episome Episome is a life science advisory and Medical Affairs services company, combining expertise with medical launch experience for strategic guidance and resources to facilitate Canadian and International launch success. no no yes no Medical Writing; Strategic Consulting; Trials and Protocol Design
ethica CRO ethica CRO Inc. helps small to mid-tier international pharmaceutical,biotechnology and medical device companies achieve credible and reliable data that the public can trust by providing end-to-end clinical research and medical communications services according to accredited standards and procedures. ethica CRO is the first accredited CRO in the world and an industry leader in ethical research. yes yes yes no Medical Writing; Statistics and Data Management; Trials and Protocol Design
JSS Medical Research Canadian-global CRO, with offices in Canada, the US, Poland, India and Colombia. More than 30 years in the market and over 200 projects executed in the last year. yes yes yes no Bioanalytical services; Late-stage clinical materials; Market access; Medical devices; Medical writing; Nutraceuticals; Product development; Statistics and data management; Strategic consulting; Trial and protocol design
McDougall Scientific Since 1984, McDougall Scientific has earned its reputation as one of the most experienced CROs and is proud to deliver valuable insight for clients in a wide variety of therapeutic areas across. yes yes yes no eTMF; Medical writing; Statistics and data management; Strategic consulting
Medicor Research Inc. Medicor manages clinical trials, medical research and medical device development in most therapeutic areas in the physician's office, out-patient clinics, in-hospital and in-house, meeting the unique needs of both the principal investigator and sponsor. yes yes yes no Medical devices
MedQualis MedQualis is a full-service CRO providing all the clinical research services (Bioequivalence and biosimilars services included) with a proven expertise in data management and biostatistics to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, biologics, and natural health product industries. yes yes yes no Biometrics
PAREXEL International Corporation PAREXEL International Corporation is the world's leading innovator of biopharmaceutical services, helping their clients transform scientific discoveries into new medical treatments for patients with high-quality Phase I-IV clinical research, regulatory consulting and market access services. PAREXEL leverages its comprehensive therapeutic, technical and functional expertise, and industry knowledge in over 100 countries. yes yes yes no AI; Big data; Bioanalytical services; consulting; Data management; materials; Medical writing
Scimega Scimega is a niche Canadian oncology CRO acting in Canada within the context of global cutting-edge oncology trials sponsored by mid-size and smaller biotechs. Scimega guarantees the quickest site start-up and highest patient recruitment rate, without sacrificing premium quality data. yes yes yes no Lean six sigma methodology
Stiris Research Inc. Stiris Research is an entrepreneurial Clinical Trial Management company providing Phase I through IIIB full-service support to Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical companies. yes yes no no Project Management; Study Feasibility; Clinical Monitoring; Risk-Based Monitoring; Biostatistics/Data Management; Patient Travel Services; Rescue Trial Services; Regulatory Services; Pharmacovigilance; Medical Monitoring; Medical Writing; Scientific Affairs Consulting; Quality Assurance; Auditing Services
Syreon Syreon is a leading technology-driven Clinical Research Organization combining elite biomedical sciences, advanced information technologies and global trial networks to speed the evaluation of new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices and guide safe, effective and cost-efficient clinical use. no no yes no Clinical trials; Health economics; Health outcomes; Precision medicine; Real-world evidence.
Trial Management Group Inc.

TMG Research is experienced in the design and execution clinical trials that

  1. address current clinical issues in primary care,
  2. determine healthcare policy, and
  3. answer questions consistent with your organization's strategic objectives.

Our compact infrastructure allows for a level of responsiveness and flexibility that you won't find in larger contract research organizations.

no no yes no Medical devices
Vantage BioTrials Vantage BioTrials is a CRO providing Phase I-IV clinical trial management services to international pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device companies. Vantage are experts in implementing Risk-Based Management through the use of Quality by Design methodologies, which helps accelerate the conduct of a study, reduce risk and ensure the trial is performed correctly. yes yes yes yes Medical devices; Medical writing; QA auditing; Statistics and data management; Strategic consulting; Study rescue; Trials and protocol design
Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)
Contract Manufacturing Organizations ( CMO s)
Company Description Product Development Preclinical and Phase I Materials Late-stage Clinical Trials Materials Commercial Production Other
Biodextris Biodextris is a CDMO providing bioprocess development, non-GMP bio manufacturing, analytical assay development and GMP-compliant QA services, with a focus on vaccine and biotherapeutics programs. yes yes no no Analytical method development; qualification; validation; GMP; Process development
BioVectra BioVectra is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that serves global pharmaceutical and biotech companies with full-service cGMP outsourcing solutions for intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. yes yes yes yes Biologics; Bioprocessing Reagents; Complex chemistry; Formulation development; Microbial fermentation
Bora Pharmaceutical Services Inc Bora Pharmaceuticals is an international Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in complex oral solid dosage (tablet & capsules), liquids (solutions, suspensions, & nasal sprays) and semi-solids (creams & gels) pharmaceutical Rx and OTC products for late-phase clinical through commercial manufacturing and packaging. Bora owns and operates three state-of-the-art CGMP manufacturing facilities (Canada and Taiwan) built to the highest international standards for manufacturing, packaging, R&D, and analytical testing. We can handle high potency compounds, solvents, flammables, and IR/SR/ER release profile products. yes no yes yes Product Development; Liquids, Suspensions, Shampoos, Sprays; Gels, Ointments, Creams; Tablets and Capsules, (mono and bilayer)
Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) CCRM provides contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) services to enable the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicine technologies. CCRM provides process development and cGMP manufacturing services tailored to clients' timelines, financing, ambitions and needs. yes yes no no Cell Manufacturing Viral Vector Manufacturing Caesium-137 GammaIrradiation Cell Banking Fill & Finish Cryopreservation On-site QC Testing Capabilities On-site QA/Audit SupportExpert Regulatory Guidance Cryogenic Distribution
Corealis Pharma Corealis offers formulation development and clinical supply manufacture of pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms for international submissions. With in-house access to R&D and GMP compliant operations, Corealis professionals commit and deliver on agreed-upon dates and budgets. yes yes no no Clinical supply manufacturing; Formulation development
Dermolab Pharma Dermolab Pharma designs, manufactures and packages cosmetic, pharmaceutical and natural health products for its customers throughout North America. yes no no yes -
Norgen Biotek Corporation

Norgen Biotek Corp. has extensive Contract Manufacturing, Contract R&D and Clinical Research capabilities. The company offers high quality products and laboratory services for Clinical Trials, including Next Generation Sequencing Services in an Illumina Propel-certified lab with full bioinformatics capabilities and an expertise in handling ultra-low concentration samples types.

Additionally, Norgen offers purification services for RNA, DNA, Proteins and Exosomes from a variety of biological specimens, including liquid biopsies, as well as offers qPCR-based Molecular Diagnostic assays. Norgen Biotek Corp. is committed to creating customized research experiences for clients worldwide by providing innovative solutions that inspire new discoveries.

yes yes no yes

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified, and ISO 15189:2012 Medical Laboratory

ISO Class 4 and 5 Clean Room environments and High Throughput Liquid Filling machines.

Toronto Research Chemicals Toronto Research Chemicals manufactures more than 90,000 research chemicals and complex organic chemicals for biomedical and pharmaceutical research yes yes yes no Analytical services; Chemical and customized syntheses
Medicinal Chemistry CROs
Medicinal Chemistry CRO s
Company Description Product Development Preclinical and Phase I Materials Late-stage Clinical Trials Materials Commercial Productions Other
CanAm Bioresearch Inc. CanAm Bioresearch Inc. is a CRO specializing in difficult synthetic chemistry/medicinal chemistry drug development no no no no Chemistry/Synthetic
GL Chemtec Since 2002, GL CHEMTEC has provided contract chemistry to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, from discovery to scale-up. yes yes no no Medical device prototypes
NAEJA-RGM NAEJA-RGM is heavily involved in the discovery of new molecules to treat various disease areas with specific emphasis on the discovery of antimicrobial agents designed to treat infections caused by drug resistant organisms. yes yes no no Chemistry (Organic/Synthetic)
OmegaChem OmegaChem is a CRO engaged in organic chemistry. The company is providing innovative products and contract services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry from R&D discovery to chemical process optimization. yes yes no yes Custom synthesis; FTE services; Chemistry; Organic chemistry; Process chemistry
Clinical Regulatory Services
Clinical Regulatory Services
Company Description Ethics and regulatory services Medical writing Accreditations Other
AXSource AXSource is a consulting and technology company providing Regulatory & Quality and IT Advisory services. Services include in global clinical, regulatory, compliance, quality assurance, quality control, and IT business solutions to the pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, cosmetics, healthcare, information technology, clinical laboratories and allied industries. yes yes Research Ethics Board/Institutional Research Board Approval GCP; GLP; GMP; GVP services and audits
International Food Focus Ltd. International Food Focus Ltd. provides regulatory compliance services to the food and allied industries in the USA, Canada and the EU. Their expertise spans the life-sciences umbrella and includes pre-commercialization and post-commercialization. yes no no Regulatory pre-market submissions: Canada, USA, EU; Strategic consulting
RaQa Consulting Inc. RaQa Consulting Inc. specializes in obtaining regulatory approvals and quality compliance for pharmaceuticals, natural health products, medical devices and cosmetic products in Canada and global markets yes no Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) Strategic consulting; import/export; quality compliance and GMP; project management
MedCare Medical Devices Canada

MedCare Medical Devices Canada is a regulatory consulting firm. We assist manufacturers from around the world in navigating the Health Canada and FDA regulatory approvals processes for their innovative medical devices. Our experience ranges from Point Of Care testing and diagnostics, through to mobility devices and Telehealth products.

FDA and Health Canada Regulatory Services include:

  • Medical Device Classification and Licensing
  • MDL, MDEL, MDSAP Program Compliance Services
  • MDEL Utilization For Importation of Medical Devices
  • Document Preparation and Submission
  • Regulatory Correspondent on behalf of Manufacturer
  • Protocol Building and Submission (Clinical Trials)
  • Ethics Board Applications
yes no APICS, CPIM, Six Sigma Product Development; Strategic Consulting
SPharm SPharm is a Canadian CSO specialized in strategic regulatory affairs and health product development services. SPharm assists pharmaceutical, biotechnology, natural health products, medical device companies and more, from around the world throughout the various phases of development. yes yes no eCTD publishing; pre-clinial and Phase I materials; Product development, Strategic consulting; Translation