Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next CanCode funding recipients be announced?

Funding recipients will be announced following the call for applications, evaluation and selection process.

What kind of coding and digital skills learning activities will CanCode fund?

CanCode will fund initiatives that provide Canadian students (kindergarten to Grade 12) experiences in digital skills including coding, data analytics and digital content development that, involve the use of digital tools. To complement these experiences, the CanCode program supports initiatives that provide K-12 teachers with the training and professional development they need to introduce digital skills and coding related concepts into the classroom.

How many Canadians will benefit from CanCode?

By March 31, 2024, through CanCode funded initiatives, over seven million training opportunities will be given to students and their teachers, including 3 million from CanCode 3.0.

Where will CanCode initiatives be available?

A diversity of organizations demonstrating alignment to CanCode's program objectives will be selected for funding, which will ensure that Canadian students and teachers have equitable access to programming across Canada. Information about CanCode supported initiatives and the regions being served will be available on the CanCode website as funded initiatives are publicly announced.

When are CanCode events scheduled to begin?

The Program aims to announce successful recipients of funding beginning in fall 2021 with program delivery beginning soon thereafter.

What is the government doing to ensure underrepresented groups will benefit from this program?

CanCode is inclusive by design. Funding decisions will prioritize CanCode applicants that have clearly demonstrated how they are able to reach traditionally underrepresented groups (e.g. girls, Indigenous youth, Black youth, youth with disabilities, etc.).

How are CanCode proposals evaluated?

CanCode funding will be awarded following an in-depth, merit-based, evaluation process that examines proposals against a range of factors to determine impact, and to ensure financial viability and the ability to effectively use taxpayers' funds. Recipients will be selected  to ensure the overall program offers quality, high-value initiatives with the broadest geographic and demographic coverage across Canada, and to make sure that these opportunities are inclusive of traditionally underrepresented groups.

How many Calls for Proposals will there be?

There is only one Call for Proposals planned at this time.  The CanCode program will begin to accept applications for funding starting July 29, 2021. The National Call for Proposals will close at 11:59:59 pm PST on Monday, August 30, 2021.

What did CanCode 2.0 achieve?

In the second phase of the CanCode program, more than 2 million training opportunities were provided by March 2021, surpassing program targets and including girls, Indigenous youth, youth with disabilities and youth residing in rural, remote communities including the North.

What is different between CanCode 2.0 and CanCode 3.0?

CanCode 3.0 has more focus on underrepresented groups than the previous versions of the program.